Party Look With Leather Legging And Cape

Today’s photos have been waiting for the release for a long time-which is why they have fallen out of the way. 

Green meadows and trees and are just not really hot …. MOMENT… it does not. Just because nature prescribes that to me, it does not have to be that way… and this is also a question of perspective. If we were in California, no one would wonder about the outfit… or it would probably be too warm and people would wonder why I wear a cape.So just imagine you’re on the west coast of America and it has 28 degrees… Hach-yeah… I’ll be very warm around the heart….  In addition, I wear the outfit for dancing and I would wear it even today… Even if I would freeze at the butt and go home the… But of course, waiting right in front of the door a taxi with seat heating on me… if we already At the presentation are… .. Oh what… in California one needs eh no seat heating … 😉

Party look with leather leggings and cape

Today’s photos have been waiting for a while. Green fields and trees are not really “” at the moment… .. STOP… .. that’s not true.Just because nature dictates to me, does not mean it has to be so…. And as well as that, it depends on how you look at it. If we were in California, I’d like to have a look at it. So, you have to go to the west coast of America and it is 28 degrees… .Wow-yes…. I can not   wait to get my hands on my heart. I can not wait to get it. But then again if there is a taxi. If you want to know what to do…

Leather legging for Christmas

But Californian summer, German winter, I really dream of a new leather legging. Maybe you could remember the paint accident, and although you do not see it right away, so if you do not know… I would like a new one. But not just because of the”self-defeat nail varnish”, but because it is always going on… Is somehow normal, but it annoys me anyway. On the other hand, this is perhaps a good thing with the advancement … so for Christmas and so … So, if I publish on the holidays only outfits with leather legging, then you know… But perhaps it is not just Christmas Christmas, but that me The Christkind has brought a new pair of trousers. Yes, yes, everything is possible…

Leather leggings at Christmas time

But Californian summer or German winter-really I have been dreaming about a new pair of leather leggings for some time now.Maybe you can remember the varnish accident and while you do not see it straight away if you do not know about it…. I would like a new pair. But not because of the “varnish spots caused by myself”.Somehow it’s normal but it still annoys me. On the other hand maybe They getting resist is a good thing… for the purpose of Christmas etc… So if I only show photos of leather leggings over the Christmas holidays, then you know why…  But maybe it’s not only due to the Christmas gluttony…. Maybe because Santa Claus wants to bring me a new pair. Yes, yes, everything is possible…

A mega give away

Hmm-what was still?? Ahh exactly-at Pure Glam, there is this week a mega Giveaway ♥-about which I actually did not want to speak, because then I reduce my profit chances. But I do not want to be like that. Unconditionally past-there is a weekend in the delete for friends  with visit in the styleoutlet Zweibrücken  to win.Absolutely recommendable. Besides, I wanted something else… hmmm… ahhh yes-the Clinique lipsticks  went away, like hot cakes and I’m glad that every color has found a nice home. I’m sorry that so many have left empty… just the colors 06 and 09 I could have felt 300 times. And now: leatherlegging and weekend and anyway !!! Have nen relaxed Friday and let it go well dear all…:- *

A mega giveaway

Hmm… there was something else. Ah yes-there’s a mega giveaway this week to be found on THESCIENCETUTOR-what I really do not want to know about. But I do not want to be that type. It’s absolutely necessary that you have a look-you can win a weekend in for friends with a visit to the style outlet in Zweibrücken. I recommend it unreservedly. As well as that I wanted something else … hmmmm…. Ah yes The lipsticks went like hot cakes and I ‘m really pleased that every color a new home. I’m sorry about it. I’m sorry about it. And now: Leather leggings and weekend and everything else !!! Have a relaxing Friday and have a good time everybody…: – *