Parka Jeans: How to Use?

Denim is the most beloved piece in the fashion universe and has appeared on the most coveted catwalks all over the world. When you talk about style and personality, soon, jeans is the piece that most represents. Ever heard of parka jeans? A super feminine piece, romantic and that gives a great fit in the silhouette.

Today we will show you how to wear parka jeans with boldness and razing on various occasions from day to day. Want to create amazing looks? So come with us!

4 Ways To Dust With Parka Jeans

1-Florida Skirt+Parka Jeans

Since the parka jeans is cute, how about creating a romantic look? Look how to create:

Choose a floral skirt with high waist and round, a black tankard skirt inside the skirt and a pair of brighter jeans. Bet on a black sunglasses, a peep toe also in black color and finish with a navy blue shoulder bag.

2-Parka Jeans+Striped Dress

Two trends in one look, with it you can raze on several occasions, see:

Choose a striped dress in black and white, one parka jeans a sunglass in black color, a bootie pipe short black and finish with a shoulder bag also in black.

3-Parka Jeans+Short Jeans

And why not create a whole jeans look? Since it’s the hit of the moment, then bet on a combination of different washes, look:

Choose jean shorts with darker wash and frayed detail on the bar, a basic T-shirt in white, a denim parka with lighter cleaning, a short, tennis or slipper in white and finish with a shoulder bag in caramel color.

4-Black+Parka Jeans

Now, this is an all-out rocker-style look for you to wager on the ballad. Here’s how to assemble:

It is only choose one skinny jeans in black color with destoyed knee a pink top burned, a thin nozzle scarpin or bootie in black color, a denim parka and finish production with a shoulder bag in black and accessories to close .

The parka jeans have a feminine model and more assholes. Ideal for those who want to value the curves and compose more romantic looks. It also has a lighter and thinner fabric than the jackets, which brings a more comfortable trim.

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