Parade Emporio Armani for the Spring-Summer

From male to female in search of a grace light and strong at the same time. He rewrote Giorgio Armani another chapter of Emporio inspired in the usual, spontaneous gestures of women, but at the same time full of sensuality.

As the fact of tying the carrées around the neck. This collection celebrates as current femininity without losing sight of the romanticism.

Present on flowers sealed adorning the tops, chiffon skirts or mini costumes, up to the knee or ankle. Color palette goes from gray to beige through pink, peach, dusty blue, and the cinnamon.

The fabrics used in this collection are from the passing through the organza silk cotton, wool, jersey fabric and suede.

The forms are elongated, but opt for the combined with bermudas or shorts toreras. Slim fit coordinated with large pants jackets that seem stolen from the male wardrobe with softwareleverage.

The evening dresses are asymmetrical, and surprises with a new silhouette, built by a wise game of superimposed layers.

As for the accessories, Sandals flat with ornaments of Jet and crystals of colors, boots tip or with open-toe, backpacks and bags, mini baulitos and also in size XXL.

Organza and cotton scarves they are used as if they were jewels, and oversized earrings.

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