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Google I/O 2015, Small Disappointment

Yesterday was the main session of the Google I/o 2015, we follow with intensity from here. And my personal conclusion is that expected me more. It is true, Google has announced many things but some a little disappointing in my view.

I do not mean that nothing presented I liked, which other years has only been more spectacular. Let’s review presented and why expect me more than one leading company like Google. Continue reading Google I/O 2015, Small Disappointment

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15 News from Android M Developer Preview 2

Is it now to download the second version of Android M Developer Preview to the 5 Nexus, Nexus 6, 9 Nexus and Nexus Player. It is the first and penultimate update from the previous version of Android M until Google releases the final version in the last quarter of the year.

Android M Developer Preview 2 It is not one simple minor update, it comes with enough news that you come to improve even more to Google’s operating system. The developments seen in the first version of Android M now we need to add the following changes: Continue reading 15 News from Android M Developer Preview 2

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Tactical Flashlights for Trekking

I hear the fine-toothed saw since I joined the outdoor world. Is one of the classic trekking circuits of Brazil, and is considered one of the most beautiful. Fame is fair. The crossing is difficult, but it’s not the most intense of the country — as they say. Yes, requires experience in activity, but a considerable physical conditioning. And it’s not definitely a destination for beginners. Continue reading Tactical Flashlights for Trekking

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Is It Preparing Windows 10 Mobile to Include an Emulator for Android?

That Microsoft is working hard to attract users and developers of Android It is nothing new, after all a couple of months ago we already know the Project Astoria which claimed that Android and iOS developers to tailor applications for Windows 10 making minimal changes in them.

But I wouldn’t change a thing if in addition to that, in Microsoft? they were also preparing a native emulator Why Android applications to run properly on your mobile operating system? It seems that there are shots in a few lines of code discovered in the latest build of the preview for mobile Windows 10. Continue reading Is It Preparing Windows 10 Mobile to Include an Emulator for Android?

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LED Reflector Lamps

Socket GU4 MR11 reflector lamp

MR11 reflector lamps are the smaller sibling of type MR16. In addition to the abbreviation of MR for multifaceted reflector paragraph 11 on the diameter of the reflector by 11 points eighth inch. The reflector of halogen lamps with GU4 socket connection is basically faceted. MR11 reflector lamps are equipped with a plug-in base GU4. The two pins of the plug socket have a distance of 4 mm and are simply inserted into the GU4 lamp

Continue reading LED Reflector Lamps

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The Next Preview for Developers of Android M Could Arrive on June 29

Since the announcement of Android M by Google alone we have had a preview for developers. A fairly stable version that has allowed us to see the visible developments and also some more hidden things. Is still to leave the final version, there are things to Polish, but while we wait for it seems that soon there will be a review soon.

According to Artem Russakovskii, a programmer with a close relationship with the Android development team, next week We will have an update of the Developer Preview of Android M. It’s a rumour without confirming but bearing in mind that it has already successful on other occasions, it deserves a vote of confidence. Continue reading The Next Preview for Developers of Android M Could Arrive on June 29

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How to Make a Fishing Lure Weed


If we would start fishing as a hobby, we must necessarily know all the techniques and Instrumentation required to be able to catch something. This particular hobby is not the most simple and to be able to see the first results we will have a great deal of patience and start immediately to inform us to learn about the various techniques and be able to solve any problems that might arise during a fishing trip. All the information we need in order to start fishing we can easily be found in many guides on the internet that will explain step by step all the operations to be carried out to fish properly. In the next steps of this guide, in particular, we will see how to do in order to achieve a perfect algae for fishing. Continue reading How to Make a Fishing Lure Weed

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The First Tests with The Battery Improvements in Android M Are Positive: Doze Is Effective

Google promised improvements in battery with Android M. something already done with Lollipop and Project Volta but not finished making. Now he wants to get it and so it has decided to focus on an aspect that often goes unnoticed, but that in the long run, without a good optimization, just undermining battery: When is your device in repose.

Now that Android M is already a few days available, they have begun to emerge the first comparative between Lollipop and the future version of Android. Ojo, you have to take it with tweezers but data, on the same device, encourage us to be optimistic about reducing consumption. Continue reading The First Tests with The Battery Improvements in Android M Are Positive: Doze Is Effective

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9 IOS and Android M, (In The Same Way) Juntos Pero No Revueltos

I like to see what makes competition from Android. I won not only for work, life writing, but also as a user of the platform. Yesterday I saw the Apple WWDC and although the keynote was unnecessarily long, those demos Apple Music were eternal, it served for the immediate future of their mobile platform, iOS.

Apart from the numbers, and their questionable points of view, presenting to blush to Android, it was nice to see how Apple tried to get to Google’s platform height with functions that we are already common. We are on the right track, in a path that is intelligent because soon we will discover the true wisdom that may have a mobile device. Continue reading 9 IOS and Android M, (In The Same Way) Juntos Pero No Revueltos

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