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Sony Starts to Update Their Old Xperia Z and ZR a Xperia Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

Slowly but surely, and without both noise and other manufacturers, Sony goes ahead culminating their intentions of take all the devices from the Z range Android 5 Lollipop in its catalogue, either this year, past or even from the beginning of the year 2013 as the two that we are going to talk about today.

At the beginning of last month we told you that Sony was going to start a new round of updates to Lollipop that would be completed with the Xperia Z, and today several users of this device and the Xperia ZR told Xperia Blog the update has just begun to be spread via OTA, so not should take too much in idle coming to users in all countries. Continue reading Sony Starts to Update Their Old Xperia Z and ZR a Xperia Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

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Android M Could Include U.N.O. a Permissions Manager

Less than three weeks so you have place the Google I/o 2015 continue to appear leaks and rumors about the possible innovations that can bring the next version of our favorite operating system, now known by its codename of Android M.

If yesterday thanks to the agenda of the I/o knew next handsfree mode now thanks to Bloomberg we know that Google may finally include the long awaited Administrator permissions.

Thus, sources familiar with the matter, confirmed that Google is planning to confirm it give users more control over the permissions of applications, so it is the user who decides which private information can be accessed or not an application. Continue reading Android M Could Include U.N.O. a Permissions Manager

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Inateck USB 3.0 Hub

Having two USB 3.0 Hub Inatek (model HB4101 and HB4012) and trying to figure out the differences between the two, I said to myself. Why do the usual review when I could make a comparison? First, why this title? The main feature of these accessories, what struck me most are its compact size, especially with regard to one of the two, and portability. But let us know you better…

Continue reading Inateck USB 3.0 Hub

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A Look a The Agenda of Google I/O, What We Can Expect of The Event?

Google I/O is now just around the corner, the annual event in which Google will put all the meat on the spit and will present their new features this year, as a new Android M to companies that we talked about yesterday or talk “Your app, now available hands-free” through which we could know a mode hands-free applications.

But what else can we expect from the event of Google? ¿What hidden meaning can have the rest of conferences that will be happening during the days that lasts the I/o? There will a 2 Chromecast be? New wearables? Let’s take a look at the agenda and see what we can find us. Continue reading A Look a The Agenda of Google I/O, What We Can Expect of The Event?

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Smartwatch: First Impressions

Connected to the smartphone, the smart clock allows you to view messages, download applications, and make calls without using your phone. PROTEST, then, conducted a survey of 150 users to evaluate the usability of this recently launched handset.

Also called smartwatchsmart watches let you view notifications coming to your smartphone, download applications, and answer calls without messing with your mobile device.Despite the numerous promises of advertising, smart watches have a long way to go to satisfy users.The good news is that the brands are focused on the evolution of this technology. Continue reading Smartwatch: First Impressions

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All about Android Lollipop 5.1.1

Despite the fact that yesterday I reported that Android 5.1.1 version reaching Nexus Player finally found that the version of Android Lolipop 5.1.1 final you will reach the majority of Nexus devices.

It is not a Update with major enhancements or new features, but rather an update of solves bugs and promises to improve the performance of the devices. Now well,?What are the enhancements? Continue reading All about Android Lollipop 5.1.1

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Watch Bracelet Adjustments

Bracelet adjustment

We offer a free watchband adjustment when you buy your new watch with us to fit your wrist size, and you can wear it as soon as it is delivered. When we made the adjustment and removed some links, they will be sent to you together with your order. Note, however, that watches as a strap adjusted by us loses the right of withdrawal. So if you never put the watch in reality, it is better not to order this service. Bring your new watch to your local watchmaker who can make an adjustment against a supplement. Continue reading Watch Bracelet Adjustments

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What Android Should Learn from Ubuntu for Phones

While Android gave a blow on the table months after the original iPhone revolution and the birth of the smartphones of today day, we are seeing how we have a large park of alternatives such as for example one of the last to arrive in the ecosystem of operating systems for smartphones, Ubuntu for Phones.

This operating system is Linux, as is Android based, but makes a quite different approach to provide user information and applications, as we saw in making contact and analysis and experience after a month of use.

Now well do you have something to contribute about the current solution of Android? Or in other words?What has to learn Ubuntu Android for Phones? Continue reading What Android Should Learn from Ubuntu for Phones

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Samsung Has Already Sold over 10 Million Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note range has come not to go unnoticed was something that we all knew, and even though many were skeptical in its day, we have had to reconsider positions after an unexpected success that is already on its third iteration, and that started the now most populous phablets catalog.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has not been oblivious to the growth of the market that they have experienced the terminals with Gigantism, and if in the first month he already had 5 million units sold, Samsung has confirmed that in his first two months in stores have already placed more than 10 million units. Continue reading Samsung Has Already Sold over 10 Million Galaxy Note 3

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Manually Update Your Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10 to Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)

Does a week that Google began to upgrade its Nexus to Android 4.4.1 which has now returned to launch a new version of Android for your devices to correct errors and with Android 4.4.2 security enhancements.

Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) It is already becoming progressively to all the Nexus current, i.e. for the 4 nexus, Nexus 5, 10 Nexus and Nexus 7 (2012-2013). If you do not want to wait for the update you OTA over the next days you can update manually. Continue reading Manually Update Your Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10 to Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)

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Samsung Galaxy J, Detailed Information about The New Samsung Android

The Samsung Galaxy J It was more than a rumor, not until today. The Korean firm Samsung just officially presented it, and is “teaser” videos this morning placed it in a very close orbit.

The eternal promises, finally met and Samsung already has in its catalog a metal terminal, that the dessert is nothing more than a Samsung Galaxy S4 changing costume to accompany a hardware update that brings closer it to the Galaxy Note 3.

The terminal, which responds to the code model SC-02F, was seen during the day yesterday for the first time in its final form, and although months ago that it had spoken of it, the fact is that the Koreans have managed to have it well kept away from leaks and cliques. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy J, Detailed Information about The New Samsung Android

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