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HTC One M8s Arrives to Spain May 1

HTC has just made official the news that many have been waiting for: the new HTC One M8s will come to Spain on Friday, may 1. Waiting has not been very long since his presentation, 2 April, day in which the Taiwanese company made it official.

HTC One M8s is a new mid-range offering inferior to its ship logo One M9, it stands out as a balanced smartphone and from which we expect a great quality/price. HTC has confirmed that on May 1 it will premiere in Spain with Vodafone, for now not announced prices which will have, although claiming that the model in metallic grey will bring. Continue reading HTC One M8s Arrives to Spain May 1

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Wallpaper: Care, How to Save

The wallpapers are way more easy, fast and inexpensive way to change the face of the environments, but for those who joined this trend is good to remember that some simple care are essential to facilitate the application and extend the life of the stickers. We have selected some important Tips to save for longer walls beautiful and amazing. Continue reading Wallpaper: Care, How to Save

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Beds with Storage Compartment

When you are tired of your bed and you go looking for a more modern model that makes more youthful and dynamic to your room, when in addition to thinking of revising the aesthetics of their room trying to reclaim space and to find accommodation in many laundry items, the ideal solution is definitely a modern bed with large storage compartment.

Continue reading Beds with Storage Compartment

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HTC Maintains Its Trend: New Results Q1 2015 Positive Financial

Reuters anticipates the financial results for HTC, waiting for an official publication of face to the month of may after the relevant phase of the audit. In the latest report of Q4 2014 already mentioned the good trend of the Taiwanese company that now returns to keep up with the new year: according to Reuters, HTC will get a profit of $ 11.6 million During these three months of 2015, with a revenue of 1,340 million dollars in the same period (by the 1.524 or 1,370 million in Q3 and Q4 of 2014, respectively). Continue reading HTC Maintains Its Trend: New Results Q1 2015 Positive Financial

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Wallpaper of Spider-Man for Children’s Room

There are many models of wallpapers to decorate your home. For the nursery, the choice for a wallpaper can be very practical, including making it easy to change the look of the room as the children grow and avoiding dirt marks, so common in the tinctures of the walls of children’s rooms. Boys and girls can choose their favorite characters and find several models available to decorate their rooms. One of the options is the superhero wallpapers, always present in movies, comics, drawings, toys and other children’s accessories. The Spider-man is a superhero of the Marvel that, with your adolescent way, funny and flustered, conquest many fans every day. Continue reading Wallpaper of Spider-Man for Children’s Room

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Want To Choose The Ideal Bra? Give Us Some Tips!

A bra, besides beautiful, of course, needs to be comfortable! Many women do not give importance to this piece that accompanies us sometimes throughout the day, and on top has the power to lift or overturn any look. One thing is certain: when we are safe and comfortable, we naturally can do the day-to-day tasks more easily! Thinking about this, we separate here some tips to not miss more time to buy this indispensable piece in our wardrobe:

Continue reading Want To Choose The Ideal Bra? Give Us Some Tips!

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Vodafone Will Also Allow Voice over IP at The Rate of 500 MB to Navigate from Smartphone and Launches a Mini 8 Euros Fee

Vodafone continues trying to give differential value to their data rates to navigate from smartphone which had already endowed with free SMS and navigation while roaming in Europe, allowing from now on, the use of voice services over the internet without any restriction rates ranging from 500 MB to maximum speed. Continue reading Vodafone Will Also Allow Voice over IP at The Rate of 500 MB to Navigate from Smartphone and Launches a Mini 8 Euros Fee

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Glass Magnetic Panels As Personal Memorial Wall

Dekoideen for kitchen with writing desks

Recordable magnetic boards are not only a look in every kitchen – thanks to the robust surface made of glass and the practical pin to be attached, they are also the ideal background for notes. The possibilities for using the writing board kitchen are extremely varied. For example, they can be used as a collection point for shopping carts (which simplifies the next purchase of the week). Thanks to the magnetic surface, the handwritten shopping slips can be quickly and easily adhered to the writing board kitchen. The magnets required for this are, of course, included in the scope of delivery. If desired, however, other magnets can also be used. Together with the beautifully designed motifs of the magnetic boards you can get such a great, coherent design object in the kitchen. And it is practical! Continue reading Glass Magnetic Panels As Personal Memorial Wall

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Night Fashion! Its Stylish And Chemises

Although most together spent moments of sleep, over the selection of Pajamas you would not throw up our hands. You spend the night in letitém trick, you merely partner? It is high time to go on a shopping spree!

If you come to the language of the word about unnecessary investment, posčítejte a, how much you spend normally for clothes and accessories. What is the contrast, one new pair of pajamas? In addition, do you spend in bed (or would at least have to spend), almost the same number of hours as in the work.

Continue reading Night Fashion! Its Stylish And Chemises

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