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Evening Gowns: Which To Choose?

In Tips about fashion we want to speak now of a garment so essential, as are evening dresses. While we have devoted several articles to evening dresses and in fact many if not all companies have complete collections of this play, we want to emphasize your importance at the time of going to an important meeting, a dinner or an event that is celebrated the night.

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Nomad Digital:My Life with a Backpack

I did my first backpacking to 24 years, but I’m a backpacker since childhood. Son of a broken home, I got used to pack up and get out of the House when I was seven. Every weekend was the same story: clothes in his backpack, backpacking, back in the car and go. Later the situation became even more complex. Not content to live in two houses, I decided that my nomadic spirit demanded more. For at least two years, I lived in four houses. Four houses at the same time.

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Illumination of Facades

While the interior lighting is designed to meet the needs of the main users of each environment and their activities, the lighting of facades is much more focused on the artistic aspect. More than ever, this kind of project requires a specialist high dose of creativity and ability to understand the subjective and, through light, enchant, entice and surprise the human being.

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Cowboys bag King of Bags

Huiuiui, what my lustful eyes that have made wonderful from the depths track of the World Wide Web? I really was going off like pretty much every girl on leather bags, is no secret. But I had this super sweet and sexy bag brand so far unfortunately in secret… COWBOYSBAG is called and has actually managed to conquer my heart by storm with their lovely models.

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Where Can I Find 50s Clothes

If you want to dress for a party in disguise or if you just like the look of the 50s, this article is for you. Find vintage clothing is a challenge. Using a little imagination and doing fieldwork to explore all possible avenues you can find the appropriate attire for the 50 men, women and children. You can also create your own parts if you do not manage to find.Let’s see how to find clothes from the 50s.

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Autumn/Winter Trends 2012: Boots

A great advantage for us men this winter: ice feet for style reasons do not have to be. And who now thinks cold feet are a matter of women: I already had quite deaf toes in the snow, sneakers are simply not very practical. Rather, this winter-a blessing for your toes and your potential career as a footballer or ballet dancer – is all right when you grab thick, rough, male boots to your feet. 

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Artdeco Majestic Beauty Autumn / Winter Collection

The limited autumn/winter collection “Majestic Beauty” by Artdeco is characterized by strongbrown, red and beige shades and was inspired by trendy, brocaded paisley design on the fashion shows. The pretty design, however, is only found on the Beauty Quattro Box, where four eyeshadows or a blush and an eyeshadow can be found. Pity actually, because the design I find very pretty and the box I had to definitely. I have used and tested the products very frequently in recent weeks and would like to introduce them to you today.

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Shiseido Lipstick Shimmering Rouge RS 312 “Iced Rose” – My New Lipstick Love

Today I want to tell you about my new lipstick love! Okay, I admit, for lipsticks, I’m a little jumpy and have the one or the other affair by the way. But there are simply copies, which one immediately closes into his heart and would prefer always hand-held in the handbag.

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