Pabobo Zenso Lamp Review

Among the highlights on a birth list: the pilot light! If, in my personal case, it is no longer necessary (she was a time), I was still curious to test two nightlights Pabobo ZenSo and Dream Theater. Design, functionality, efficiency… Ve

Perfect mix between Nightlight for children and lamp bedside, the Nightlight ZenSo attracted me by his side design, very in tune with the times. White, neutral, it fits as well in a little girl’s room than to boy, whether it’s an infant or a child of an advanced age. She therefore arises on a bedside table as a mood light and only works on sector.

Various features

Nightlight Pabobo Zenso

Once connected and turned on, just ask the top hands so that she change lighting:

  • White light: I found it ideal to be used as a bedside lamp and read a story to my pucinette
  • Blue light(to create a soothing atmosphere and promote sleep of baby): on this feature, I found blue light still a little too intense to place the pilot light right next to the bed. Away so as not to direct light, the result is optimal. Gives a diffused light that allows to reassure baby in case of alarm, and enlighten just what it takes to enable parents to take a look in the room without another source of light.
  • Sequence of colored lights(12 combinations): on this position, the lamp passes slowly from one color to the other… A pretty sight that my daughter (2 ½ years) has particularly appreciated: she sat at the foot of his bed, moved more and simply watched the colors change, lap after lap. After a few minutes, I found it quelled, calm and relaxed. A good way to channel the energy of children before bedtime so!

Only downside: the ZenSo night-light is not programmable. Those who do not have the need to leave the light on all night will have to intervene to turn it off once baby asleep.

The Enchanted Carousel Dream Theater

Unlike the ZenSo, pilot Dream Theater does not accent lamp, but only light light and music.

There is an carousel of sound and light, which plans a round of images, and the ceiling walls a lovely rose, colored and animated. An enchanting show for children. The music function may or may not, be activated. My regret is that only a melody is offered outside the sounds of nature. On the other hand, point positive: pilot stops only after 45 minutes (15 minutes of music). No need to intervene. And an additional function allows the setting auto night light if baby is crying.

A little disappointed with the design (the color of the base including), Dream Theater in contrast offers ultra-simple operation. Designed to be placed on a bedside table or a dresser, this night light can also be fixed to the wall, and thus replace a mobile.