Outdoor Skiing Netherlands

Netherlands is not the land of mountains. Yet many Dutch binds each year skiing or snowboarding less than a week during the winter. In the rest of the year, but there are ways to download winter feeling. A drive inomhusskidhall makes skiing or snowboarding affordable and close. This article summarizes some indoor indoor ski resorts with one or several slopes with real snow and a list of tracks.Modern indoor indoor skiing in the last 10 to 15 years has grown up out of the ground. Skiing became possible around in real snow. It has been shown that there are many people who need to be close to ski or snowboard. A couple of hours, a night or a whole day; Some people for a longer time, others go every week. In the fall, ski and snowboard lessons are popular for people who first skiing. All in all, ski resorts shows complement convensionele sports.

Before photo prints skiing in the Netherlands was also possible on outdoor courts. Usually equipped with brush job. Skiing on the breast job is more difficult than in real snow. The fall is painful, but if you can go on a brush job, then snow after no longer a problem.


In modern indoor ski resorts, it is possible to go skiing or snowboarding on real snow. It is always possible to rent skis and snowboards, more often than not, it is also possible that clothing, shoes and gloves if necessary. shelter rent. The length of the runs of between 200 to 500 metres. The longest indoor ski slope in the world claimed by Bottrop skiing Hall in Germany, that is to say, 640 metres.For longer runs are mostly chairlifts, ski slopes, other lifts. There are mostly shops, restaurants”, cafes and après-ski options. Ski Hall Neuss is located next to the skiing centre at the same time, also the largest entertainment venue in the vicinity.