Our Site in the Test: The Better Firefox?

The browser Our site provides a custom search engine and a new technique to prevent tracking. We have tested the software developed in Munich for the first time.

FC Bayern, the Oktoberfest, the Viktualienmarkt: Munich has already a lot to offer. Now comes even a browser. The developed Our site start-up of a Munich to be the first browser with its own search engine, which is independent of us vendors such as Google or Yahoo.

Search Less, Find More

Our site offers instant search: entering a search term in the address bar, pertinent information and links are displayed while you type, without calling a search engine. Looking for weather Hamburg, for example, to get a graphically enhanced prediction for the Hanseatic City, as well as links to the weather reports for Hamburg to our site, our site, our site- that was it according to healthvv.

Is there a Bruce Springsteen in the address bar, a few images of the musician, the Wiki pedia entry on his biography, a link to the official artist appear ready website and the You Tube channel of the U.S. Rock legend -.

Our site search you can get used to easily. In the test, we found needed as with Goog ling mostly faster. However Our site does not lock out other search engines: you want to use these finished to enter the typing, and Our site starts the search engine specified in the settings. Also a particular site can be with shortcuts like #gm for Google maps or #am for Amazon quickly addressed – this is handy.

User Data Are the Basis

Most search engines evaluate content, structures and links of websites. Our site working, however, with the human Web: the company collects anonymous data about the behavior of browser users, with which it assesses the relevance and Web site security. The inventor of Our site in sure that under no circumstances is personal data and that no data be determined or saved the user or one of his devices identify can.

“The human Web is designed so that theoretically possible conclusions on people by linking various data are impossible”, it says on the Our site Web site. In addition, Our site supports the concept of privacy by design worn by European data protection authorities: all software was designed for data protection and privacy, from the outset, the Munich-based developers say.

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Yet we have a queasy stomach feeling. User data, although anonymously collected could be used theoretically for purposes other than the Internet search. In this context, can be to not hide the fact that the Burda Media Group is mainly involved in the Our site GmbH. Who is so skeptical, Our site even without human use Web: just under the Our site menu human Web do uncheck before I remove.

The human Web information collected used Our site for a specially developed tracking protection. Tracker, who want to identify the user, are automatically blocked, others admitted, however. Also Our site should be Web able human the to distinguish “good” and “bad” Web sites. For example, the browser of easier phishing sites to can block, if it is supplied with relevant information to its users. The anti-phishing feature is an integral part of the browser.

Behind This Is a Fox

Mozilla Firefoxis the solid basis for Cliqz. Its user interface was slightly modernized and expanded the Our site icon. Clicking on it takes the features of the Our site differs from Firefox. Other menus and settings are identical.

However, there is a substantial difference to Firefox: since the end of the beta phase Our site does not allow add-ons more. Yet all of the Firefox extensions could be install in the beta version, with the update of our trial version 0.9.3 version 1 they were disabled. Our site justifies that many Add-ons users data to their developers would send and are not so sure.


In benchmarks is Our site far behind Firefox, although the new browser on the Mozilla project is based. HTML5 he dominated but just as good as Firefox and significantly better than Microsoft edge. Our tests ran on Windows 10. Conclusion

Still, not a miracle from the sky has fallen. Our site search is working fine already even if over the human Web fight. That Our site Add-ons does not allow, we didn’t like.

Cliqz: Details

  • Web site:com
  • OS: Win, Mac OS, Android, iOS
  • Language: German
  • Engine: Mozilla
  • Particularities: own search, integrated anti-tracking/anti-phishing, no Add-ons allows despite Firefox-based