Not There Will Be Version Windows 10 Mobile of HTC 10, Would Who Loses The Two?

We would have to spend some time under the roof of the offices of Redmond, attending its meetings, to know what’s what aims to achieve Microsoft with its Windows Mobile 10 and, above all, why it is taking so long to reach its destination. The feeling of loss of constant direction is undeniable but all its steps are running toward the front.

Convergence of mobile and desktop with Continuum, support for other operating systems and applications alliances with manufacturers for the construction of devices Windows Mobile 10 or, at least, for the support of compatible ROMS. They are slow, there is no doubt, but Microsoft does not lose faith in its mobile operating system. HTC, however, has just given a setback.

Microsoft loses to the flagship of HTC this 2016

The relationship between Microsoft and HTC has always been punctuated of comings and goings. We still remember that HTC Titan who deserved to have gone ahead with the updates, for specifications and not to be stranded in Windows Phone 7.5 handle. And we have in mind the version with Windows HTC 10 One M8, which took more than one year to arrive after the model with Android.

Now, with HTC 10 in the oven and with a multitude of leaks in lathe, know the latest, a blow to the interests of Microsoft seeking to lead its mobile operating system to every corner of the planet. The 10 HTC with WinMo 10 will not be a reality, We will not have Windows version of the flagship of the Taiwanese this year even though the possibility was.

We do not say it has told Evan Blass, whom we also know as Evleaks and that has been responsible for uncovering good part of the interior of the 10 HTC which is coming soon.

Guess I can appreciate the optimism, Windows fans, but the answer is no. Every time, every phone, answer is w not :/

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) March 4, 2016

As simple and as complex as a ROM

It was the method used with the HTC One M8, we quote above. A time passed since the submission of the original terminal, was published a build of Windows 10 Mobile compatible with the M8. Accessible only to users belonging to developer of Windows programs, the ROM was installable though gave some performance problems. Nothing serious.

It is a method which also uses Xiaomi, for example. Its my 4 received at the time a ROM with Windows 10 and has a fiancée for his newest terminal, 5 Mi Xiaomi that caused quite a stir at MWC in Barcelona. On this occasion, however, appears that a party should not be very interested in porting the system, and everything points to the negative comes from HTC.

HTC, depending on what he says GSMArena, would have chosen to Android as a unique system for their devices. Not only for the HTC 10 which is about to occur, but also for the future, at least a short time. So, HTC 10 Windows 10 mobile nor any other of its current terminals or coming. Microsoft remains, for now, out of HTC.

In a situation, they lose the two

It is the only conclusion that we can reach it after hearing this news. Now that Xiaomi gets into the car’s Windows 10 Mobile ever more frequently, that HP has presented a real beast destined to professionals and support for MediaTek is about to arrive, stay out of HTC is to see how closes a door to continue growing.

By the side of HTC, which begins to recover in numbers, although very slowly, and you need to continue to grow in market share of smartphones not to trust all your future to live HTC, the Taiwanese lose the opportunity of reuse your own hardware to satisfy a greater number of users.

Provided that it is software, costs are lower. By Microsoft, responsible for the system, as well as by HTC which, with components as common as those mounted on HTC 10, would not have drivers or compatibility problem. A strange decision, there is no doubt. Many users of Windows Mobile 10 can feel this blow.