Nokia Pureview 808 – A Leap in Audio Recording

Record with the sound quality of certain environments is something that many is only possible with professional video and audio equipment. Videos of rock concerts, shows, musicals, noise of engines in formula 1, or even the sound of a waterfall don’t usually have a good fidelity or, at least, a decent quality when recorded with cell phones. The same goes for the vast majority of compact cameras, which has sound and audio quality with a quality bad, blown sounds more like the noise, that sounds itself.

Nokia Pureview 808

In a market dominated by Androids and by Apple, Nokia ( had to bet on the quality of your devices to try to win space on television the Smartphone market. In conjunction with Microsoft and the Windows operating system, use the Pureview 808, and their sensational camera, you just have to add in the Smartphone market.

The camera of the Nokia Pureview was taken to other Nokia devices also, now bought by Microsoft. Even after a few years of its release, the camera, the 808 Pureview is still among the best in the market. Nokia has hit the button that is the best device available on the market, with more than 40 MP sensor and excellent camera software. The video below is more a demonstration of this ability. Use a headset, preferably, to hear the difference.

One can see that the difference is remarkable. It’s almost like comparing a professional camera with a portable, compact camera. Everyone is already familiar with the sound of poor quality recordings made with cell phones, especially in noisy places. From 808 Pureview, Nokia began to change that, and sound quality has become a standard for high-end apparatus in the world. Even so, the Lumia, now manufactured and sold by Microsoft, still has the best images, photos, video and audio on smartphones.