New Pro iPads Keyboard May Have Button Dedicated to Emojis

An Apple- registered  US patent , found by MacRumors , suggests that Apple is gearing up to change the layout of the keys on its upcoming Smart Keyboard, the keyboard that serves as the cover for iPads Pro . The main change would be the inclusion of a key for emojis, which supposedly would give access to a keyboard of figurines on the screen of the tablet.

With this, the person could write using emojis more easily and quickly, but at the same time, he would lose the Caps Lock. It is also worth mentioning that this is a trend that Apple has been bringing in its devices, since the Touch Bar  of the new MacBooks Pro essentially serve to bring emojis directly to the keyboard, and also allow to perform a number of other functions.

Outside the emoji key, Apple should also include a”Share” button where the second Comand button on the current Smart Keyboards is located. This would be a shortcut to enabling the sharing function within native system apps, as well as some third-party tools.

The third inclusion would be a search key in the upper left corner, which could be used for three activities. A unique twist in it would open a search area within apps, two ring tones would turn on shortcuts within Apple’s own tools, and a long press would serve to activate Siri.

More recent rumors say Apple would be planning to launch three new tablets in early March this year, but there is also a chance that these devices will hit the market only later in 2017. This new keyboard case would be the”must-have accessory” for Users of new iPads.