Nail Polish (Fifth)

I know that Wednesday was yesterday and we had no post of enamel, but it’s for a good reason!
Last week I tried putting nails–that’s right–but decided to take before going to the salon, so the post with the glaze Divine Blue in my bitten nails!
And they want to know the best? I found it super easy to put on and the result is great!

Have those cheap nails, which was my first option… when I saw that I was going to get right, I bought the fing’rs–for the low price of U $4.00, I think is a fair price to have beautiful nails, even metira. In the photo, are $1.99 nails with a layer of enamel Income–made in a hurry and found this easier to paint–nobody ne noted that I was with nails in College!

Yesterday, I bought the kit of fing’rs, which comes with glue and no need to cut or sand the nails because they come in one size super good! This time, I got the manicure, but the process is the same: don’t take a lot of the cuticle, filing your nails on top for the glue stick, glue nail chip pass and normal nail Necklace by pressing for a 5 seconds! Fast, easy, convenient and efficient!

I spent the enamel Chic of Colorama because I wanted a red kind of the last parade of the Chanel! For press-on nails, two layers and the risk of being spotted or with polka dots is almost null. For cleaning, the process is the same with normal nails.

The kit says the nails last 7 to 15 days, so next week I count the result!

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