My Pregnancy Insecurities

As time passes and just…. Quick passes from the point of view when I’m in the middle of the seventh month, and now a few weeks 8-9, and passes very slowly for those who like me love him so much not being pregnant.

Every day has been more difficult to handle everything with the belly that grows and weighs more. For the tests, my doctor believes that another big baby. Why I am so bloated and a big belly. Out the back pain that makes me to get to Bruna in my lap the whole time. This pregnancy I have been suffering with pain in his lower back.

I’m behind on preparations. In pregnancy the Bruna with 7 months everything was almost ready. Out on maternity leave 2 months before she was born, so I had time to organize everything with calm. This time I have nothing prepared, say nothing at all. I just order the crib and Dresser and hope to make it on time!

We chose to do a very simple room and don’t spend a lot on decoration, wallpaper and details. Because my idea is in less than 1 year put to Bruna and Manu in the same room, and then invest in a nice and complete design for both. For now I’m at the stage of trying to transform this room which is deposit all comes home, closet, Office, playroom, in a little room habitable for Manu. And there is room to store so much!

But I think my biggest concern really is on how will be my routine.

Mainly because I work from home (and it’s not the blog!) and this time I won’t have maternity leave and I can’t stop. Bruna is not yet in school and probably only goes to a few months after the birth of 2-3 Manu. Then I have 2 babies at home full time.

I started having insecurities of mother of 2nd trip, you know how hard it is to the first 2 months, who knows how exhausting stay awake at night and take care of a newborn baby. I have been talking a lot with friends who just had his second child with little difference to the first. Care is as easy, hard is endure the fatigue. And this time, with another child who wakes up early with pique and total that will demand even greater attention.

More than that, I started having insecurities in relation to breastfeeding. You who follow the blog know how much I have suffered to be able to breastfeed, every day was an achievement in holding up pain, chest and empedrando all discomfort of having too much milk. But I held out until almost 8 months. I wonder if this time I’m going to get??

So carry a mix of feelings. Very happy and fulfilled to be able to have another child and could live again each emotion and joy that a child brings. And very tense because I didn’t know if I’m going to take two, if I can give the attention to Bruna if she needs won’t suffer, if I have the patience, determination and rigidity with the routine as I had last time, because I know that what brings the success of a baby who sleeps and eats well.

Anyway, I know I don’t have to suffer in advance, but live it day by day. Because sometimes what looks like it’s going to be hard, we get. And always remembering that all this goes by and soon I will have an immeasurable joy to see my two small seated playing together.

And you moms of 2nd trip, how was this experience after the birth of our 2nd son?