My Mountain Bike For My Tour

The sun shines at last and the active outdoor sports can start again. The mountain offers many different ways to use it. Of course for cycling, but in what form, is described here. There’s the walking riders, mostly after work for a spin in place, look at new homes or for short distances using the mountain bike. Then there is us the cycling athletes. While endurance and fitness is required. With the mountain bike’s going to like the name suggests the mountain. And then there are more Downhillers. They bring their mountain bikes with the lift on the mountain station and daring plunge down the mountain.

Short distances – simple mountain bike

For all sports and bike lovers amongst us that only the mountain bike for rides, must place no emphasis on disc brakes or full suspension. Road safety is important. For road, mountain bike should have a light cat’s eyes in the spokes, a blade and front and rear. They should measure some can sit comfortably on the bike and the saddle set so high, that they can touch the ground if necessary with the toes. Also a bicycle stand is especially popular for such mountain bikes, which is downhill just in the way and is not mounted.

Downhill bike

Even if it means mountain biking, many athletes use this type of bike for the shut-down of the mountains. Of course the weight distribution of the bike is completely different and the suspensions are extreme. It’s hardly amount to an ordinary bike. Also the appropriate protective equipment is important in this sport. Started by helmet, about Protector until knee savers almost the whole body is protected. Steep is a trail down often. The saddle is secondary. With the body weight, the athlete controls the bike. Disc brakes are usually as standard for these bikes. A distinctive tread and suspensions in the front as well as rear area round off the bike.

The actual meaning of the mountain bikes

As the name already suggests the mountain bike for the mountains is made. The Arbie are facing relatively far forward and down and keeping flat rather than upright. The purpose of this position is that you in the uphill ride takes a more comfortable stance and easier is the appearance of the hand or foot. I use the bike really outweigh that for tours uphill go, do you learn from a dealer of the appropriate bicycle. There are various frame sizes for any body size. You can choose different handlebars, making the fine tuning. On the handlebar can be mounted individually known as Bull horns. You unzip often read the wrists and offer switching in between. Whether these horns are pleasant one or not, must simply be tested in practice. The tyres makes contact with the mountain bikes mostly at 26 inches. There are exceptions that offer also 28 inches. A distinctive profile, care should be taken to always this is very important in the area. The dealer must respond to you and ask specific questions. Their size and body weight play a major role in the choice of a mountain bike. Here, your needs should not hit but in the background. How often drive, are already seasoned bikers, already have protective equipment, etc. And if the dealer places much emphasis on customer support, he proposes also the occasional tour, just as it was in my case.

Get in the practice

The Mecca of the Berchtesgaden mountains for bikers has been suggested to me. The Pacher Alm on the Mississauga. The hut is known as the mountain. She is visited daily by hikers and bikers and is a magnet for visitors from the spring. The tour started in anger. I started the tour with a new mountain bike and a helmet. Of course a tachometer should not be missed when such exits alone due to the self-interest. I have let the install me already in stores and adjust. The tour has variety, initially runs along a small river on the Satya Ark and partly steep uphill. The last piece has it all. But you get rewarded with the target. From the hut you have sensational views over the northern mountains of Berchtesgaden, as well as the Salzburg Alps. You can see little tired. For a stronger, I’m back. Of course you could just go back the same way, or to choose one of the countless ways of the Stoißealm in the Valley. Take care! They parked a car at the starting point, you should have local knowledge and yet the proper condition, then to go even to the car. Trip uphill will be good one and a half hours. With 750 meters, I was first served for the start of the season. Condition, technical skill with the mountain bike, and a perfect bike is required for the tour. Without these three things, you need not even to start and must either obtain still a suitable bike or begin training with small tours.

Enjoy more with small details

The additional equipment for the mountain bike is always more coming. They had used only a simple speedometer now stronger guns be ascended. At the most speedometers can you find already the calorie consumption, CO2 – see saving compared to the car and read of course average and maximum speeds. Would you put more in his device, there are still altimeter, parameter to a change in the weather to detect at an early stage and of course the temperature display. Many athletes use a pulse watch, which function but not inside the speedometer, but in an extra device. Often, a band around the chest is put, which measures the heart rate during exercise. So you can train health gently and effectively. Becoming popular on the bike we the navigation system. Instead of constantly studying annoying cards, stuck to the Navi on the handle bar and can track without a break. These are only a few pieces of equipment for biking. Of course, the borders are open here and the development is in full swing.

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