Musucbag – the Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

Some time ago I already times about the Lippi Selk Bags posted, with a kind of Pajamas with sleeping bag properties. Since August 2009, the successor of the Selk bag is now called MusucBag. The new name has its origin in the Design Studio MusucHouse, the Chileans Rodrigo Alonso. The third generation has been improved and is available under the new name in all of Europe.

There are many sleeping bags. MusucBag has what no other sleeping bag: sleeping bag with arms and legs offers its users maximum mobility and comfort. No matter whether outside in the fresh air, camping, traveling or at home. The MusucBag from the design of the Chileans Rodrigo Alonso is currently in its third edition and this year also as a child model available on MBAKECHENG.COM.

The design of allow for an makes it to the talent of the movement. It allows movement of the arms and legs without constricting it. In a single night, man performs an average of 20 turns and a lot more small moves. Unlike a “normal” sleeping bag, the MusucBag allows undisturbed, liberated turning, rolling and rolling – movement, which the body needs at night to relax his muscles and stimulate the cardio vascular system. The MusucBag creates perfect conditions, after a warm and comfortable night, rested and refreshed for a new day to start. The range of the MusucBags but more goes beyond which a conventional sleeping bag is rather restricted and non-mobile,: you can go to and not more cumbersome must foraging hopping. Sit around the campfire and play guitar, eat, clap or embrace his side man. Another plus: sleepwalking is much easier with the MusucBag.

The MusucBag is fun, practical, trendy and of course outdoor – and suitable for camping! In short, a perfect invention for children and adults.

Some of the benefits of the MusucBags

  • Arms and legs are individually moving
  • It wallows with the MusucBag and not in it
  • You can to stand, walk, sit and also sleep
  • Zippers may be operated from inside and outside

Technical information

  • Temperature ranges ACC. to EN norm: comfort 7 ° C / limit 2 ° C / extreme-13 ° C
  • available in sizes M/L/XL and K1/K2 (kids)
  • four dynamic colors: pink, directoire blue, lemon chrome (and black – adult model only)
  • Weight, depending on the size: from 1.4 to 2.2 kg
  • RV vents on the hands to grab objects
  • Hood with elastic band
  • Belüftungszipper on the trouser legs
  • easy access across the front
  • robust anti slip sole for iterating
  • made in 100% polyester
  • washable at 30 degrees by hand

The children cost 79 Euromodels, you can get adult sizes for $ 99. Actually quite cheap, although, as already in the old Selk Bag, due to the weight really trekking suitable for use. At summer camp, the Scout is one but certainly the catcher with this Teletubbie costume.