Motorola Moto X Style: 2nd Place In Camera Testing Behind Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Motorola Moto X style has apparently actually to offer one of the best smartphone cameras. In a test, Motorola’s new flagship could be almost the entire competition including Apple’s iPhone 6 behind. Only the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge guys from DxOMark better section.

Very good placement into the DxOMark extensive camera database should come in quite handy Motorola. Because the idea of the Moto X style and his little brother’s Moto X play put the manufacturer some value on the qualities of his new top duo 21-megapixel cameras.

Much Praise, A Little Criticism

The photography test in the Moto X style lauded among the wealth of detail and low noise photos outdoors, as well as exposure, white balance and the colors. The testers are apparently less satisfied with the Flash, which should provide a slight overexposure and occasional problems with the otherwise Honorable mentioned auto focus. When used as a video camera, autofocus in low light conditions to be slow while praised white balance and exposure for their speed.

Motorola Moto X Style 2nd Place In Camera Testing Behind Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The overall is the Moto X style at DxOMark on the 83 points in the photo – and video-test. Thus it is the overall result tied with the Samsung Galaxy note 4 in second place, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 perched edge with 86 points at the top. The places behind it are divided based on 82 points tied, Sony’s Xperia Z3 +, iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. However DxOMark has not tested, for example, the LG G4 that leads our list of the best camera smartphones. Let’s see, where the Motorola style Moto X will land, if we us a closer look at it.