Most Attractive Lips Care

Hello girls! In today’s post I am going to leave some advice so that our lips look more careful and attractive. Having beautiful lips gives us a young and fresh image, so that the pampering that they need must offer them. The skin in this area is thinner and has less natural moisture, something that makes it more fragile. That is why we must give him a few extra care that will thank you for giving your best look.
1-Lips With More Volume And A Juicier Aspect? Yes, Please.

Many times we think that to look beautiful lips just apply a little color, but not so. To make them look soft and with an impressive-looking, we must care skin by following these simple guidelines:

-Lip balm: The “must have” for our basic toiletry bag. Although it may seem silly, this simple product, is the preserver of our lips, that cosmetic that you always carry with you and use as many times as required, especially in cold weather or when we are in heated environments. With it we will avoid skin drying and cracking. The ingredients must contain are: petroleum jelly, vitamin E, beeswax, etc. With him we nourish the skin to make it look good.

-Water: If the lip balm helps us to have the lips hydrated externally, the water will help to hydrate from the inside. To look perfect lips, it is necessary to drink about 2 liters of water daily distributed in small amounts throughout the day.

-Hydration color: for lip makeup on wholesaleably, we choose nutritious lipsticks that also provide us with color, protect skin and hydrate it. If you have dry skin, we should avoid formulas of long-lasting and very pigmented lipsticks, since they worsen the problem. It is better to opt for natural or fruity tones with light and semi-transparent finish.

-Take care of them while you sleep: Before going to sleep is important to extend them a product as a protective balm, a special cream or a natural product, such as olive oil or honey moisturizing.The next day we will see that they have a soft, fleshy look.

-Peeling: If we have skins, we must not pull them, it is better that we should move our lips either a toothbrush soaked in Vaseline and a mixture of sugar and oil. Another option is to use a lip scrub. We rub gently and clarify with water.

2-Outline And Wrinkles, That He Is There To Do?

If it is important to care for your lips, it is also care for the outline of these since the skin surrounding them is very delicate, fragile, thin and not just natural hydration. It is also subject to constant motion (smoking, drinking, talking, kissing, eating, etc) which worsens the problem. As we are getting older we must place emphasis on countering the loss of collagen and hydration, and prevent wrinkles and sagging.

-Barcode: They are a fine vertical lines appearing on the upper lip and affecting, above all, women who smoke. To prevent blisters, it is necessary to use a specific action cream anti-ageing which, in addition to hydrate and nourish, increase its elasticity and firmness.

-Sunscreen: During the day, we must use a cream with Sun protection high, even in winter, since the Sun’s rays are the main culprits of the aging of the skin.

-Facial gymnastics: when we apply the usual moisturizer, can take advantage of to make this simple exercise that will help to keep the area smooth and elastic. It is to apply a small amount of cream in the center of the upper lip and spread to the corners of the mouth with a soft first tecleteo, and gentle movements of after straightening. The same process we will repeat on the lower lip.

-Makeup anti-aging: It is best to not abuse the base or too thick products, since we run the risk that remain in the wrinkles and make them even more. It is best to use light and transparent formulas.

3-Care Extra.

-Eye with bad habits: To not dry out our lips we must avoid continually lick, nibble them, boot us the pielecitas, etc. If we avoid these bad habits, we will get softer lips.

-Breathing through the nose: If we breathe through the mouth, our lips are parched.

-Farewell to tobacco: Tobacco reduces the supply of oxygen and that accelerates aging. In addition, only suck the smoke, produces a few folds the lip which, in the end, end up becoming wrinkles.Better stop smoking, so we will be more beautiful and healthy.

As you can see, look beautiful lips is not difficult if we give them these simple care. Get it is in our hands.

I hope that this post has proved interesting to you and help you look more beautiful every day.

Soon I will bring you more news shopping and new beauty tips.

See you soon girls! Thank you for your comments and sharing. A huge Kiss to all!