Moises Nieto and Juan Vidal the Victors

On the fourth day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid day not has been able to begin better with “Lola”, the designer’s new collection Moises Nieto. The parade have brought us a little bit of fresh air to a walkway anchored in the past. We have seen a: SITA Murt, Moises Nieto, Sara Coleman, Juan Vidal, Martin Lamothe, Carlos Diez, María Escoté, Dolores Cortés and Montse Bassons. The designers more enfant terrible of Spanish fashion has been the protagonist in a fashion week Madrid calling loudly, for too long, a renovation absolute to make Spanish fashion truly exportable and benefits, that is also.

Sara Coleman

Sara Coleman collection is called Organic Desing, garments that drink that as natural philosophy. Very versatile designs for day or night without any change. Clothing sport and casual in blue combined with jackets or belts in an ethnic style thicker tissue in mustard yellow. Its long dresses wide and lightweight fabric stain green, yellow and orange to enhance the summer look.

Moises Nieto

Moises Nieto improves collection after collection. Today was “Lola” with all the magic and the essence of South condensed in your clothes. A very feminine woman wrapped in designs where the pattern is essential and look fondly to the 1970s. Vegetable prints and embroideries are incorporated into designs with Ruffles and elegant tables and frescos. The colour palette is intense from the nuclear target, at the azure through the Green, red and black. Special mention for wonderful and cheerful add-ins created by More & More and precious shoes of Iphigenia. Of these collections that would form part of your wardrobe.


SITA Murt always is faithful to the point and it manages to adapt it also for the summer. A delicate and soft collection that invites you to bring your designs full of crop tops of point with almost transparent tulle skirts. The best of the collection its open back of white knit dresses.

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal collection has a name Marguerite and his imaginary reaches moments of sweet splendor. Mixing different inspirations: the book “The lover” by Marguerite Duras, the cinema of Wong Kar Wai, Yoko, Muse and wife of the photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and Sylvia Kristel, face of the softporn of 60, but all go on the same way show the beauty, sensuality and hedonism of a unique woman. The main fabric of his designs is the silk and the color palette goes from white to different shades of roses. The prints of peonies leafless and extra large samples in subtle and delicate garments. The most serious and elegant point comes from the Yabane stamping or feathered arrow, a Japanese geometric motif. The designer has been the winner for the best collection presented at the Madrid pasarela. Without a doubt, a well deserved award.

Martin Lamothe

Water Olympics is the name of the new collection of Martin Lamothe that is inspired by the swimming pools and the universe that surrounds them. Sportswear in blue and green shades, executed in tissues of wet-look effect to give a feeling of aquatic.

Carlos Diez

Carlos Diez has returned to Cibeles to present a completely urban collection where has the stamped protagonist been the famous Smiley. Canary yellow color mixed with black to enhance a very acid house in garments, casual look. Carlos Diez is you designated transgressor, but in its collection not there is nothing new on the horizon.

María Escoté

Private dancer, María Escoté collection takes us directly to a club with a bar as the protagonist. The sensual dancers perform a private dance stamped on your designs. Short dresses and woven network conforms perfectly to the body to show a woman very sexy.

Dolores Cortés

Dolores Cortés has put bath on the catwalk fashion. Bikinis, swimsuits and trikinis ethnic inspired. Transparencies placed strategically, lace and Indian prints form a lively and sophisticated collection to enjoy summer.