Mini Dog Food: Children by the Instagram

Make your own clicks “look of the day” is no longer a trend for a long time. Moms and not only the famous show all her talent fashion in time to dress your babies!

They just learning how to ride and have a pair of stilettos. The new generation fashion for which we pray asking for the abolition of “looks”,  already showing its face from a very early age. If we thought that Tavi–owner of the blog Style Rookie who burst in 2009, when the mini fashionista and she especially had just 12 years–was the most frighteningly young of a generation which absorbs information with amazing speed (and still produces trends long before decorate your tables), were wrong.

Social networks are another channel for the popularization of some more fashion wonders. Super elaborate productions of mini celebs inspires many moms common these days to think twice before opening the wardrobe. With a lot of style, moms not only dress your little but make it a point to share, mainly via Instagram, the look of the day.

Check out some of the cutest mini fashionistas!

Alonso Mateo is son of a Mexican stylist Luiza Espinosa and live sets in the house. Second interview with The Cut, the son who rides most of his looks and only ask for help when you need it. As well as in the fashion choices, Mateo likes to dress with exclusive labels and their favorites are: Gucci and Dior. The inspiration for these looks tiny in 6 years? The father!
Worth following Luiza account not only by the looks of the little Mateo, but to track the production and the work of stylist: @luizafer

Alia Wang has no account on Instagram (yet!) but who does your clicks are the paparazzi who are at the door of the shows of New York Fashion Week. With a super fashion-DNA, Alia is the niece of designer Alexander Wang, who in addition to his own brand, commands the creation time of the Balenciaga-the little one has 6 years and more style and authenticity than many fashion editors around. Alia mix a cool urban style, own Uncle Alexander and ensures parts icon in looks: she has been seen with mini versions of Balenciaga and Chanel Handbags.

Rafaela Lie is the Brazilian example of baby dog food. And little is already professional in the subject: she poses for mom’s cell phone lenses and has already mastered all the basic fashion bloggers, with only 3 years old! By the account of Karen, mother of Rafaela (@karenmakh), you follow the stylish routine of ABI, who walks around in sneakers, animal print and sunglasses (hold the “ohn ‘).

Worth following the profile of the stylist Monica Rose (@monicarosestyle) not only for the work she does in Hollywood (among his clients are the host of E!, Guiliana Rancic and Khloé Kardashian) but also to stay inside of the looks of the daughter, Alaia Rose, another internet-style icon. Between leather jackets with fur collar and Chia Lin of spikes, Alaia shows she has future fashion. Cute!