Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

We continue with the first day of the Madrid catwalk collections and were Miguel Palacio, Ana Locking and Juana Martín those who took the cat to the water. A day with a front row of the most varied, from a new generation of actors for shows Juana Martín and Ana Locking models and socialite among the stalwarts of Miguel Palacio.

Some collections with lots of green and that blacks and Blues were the general trend, a few different collections and that left no one indifferent.

Ana Locking

Black, dark blue and much orange for a trend in which the sweatshirt and Pajama pants grow to be the stars. The raincoats and unstructured jackets, geometric prints and flowers maranran firm autumn winter.

Juana Martín

The expectation was served in the parade of Juana Martín and she did not disappoint. A cosmopolitan and elegant women paraded down the catwalk with costumes of jacket and tote bag. Straight lines that would make the delights of Diane Keaton, oversize and many flyers, on the chest, sleeves and hips…

In tissues, the Cordoba continues his craft career with wool, silks, cottons, and some wonderful lace, very Flemish. Transparencies will be trend in the coming year.

Miguel Palacio

Miguel is one of the favorite designers in Spain and that could be in the front row. Patricia Olmedilla, Estefanía Luyck, Marta Robles, Simoneta Gómez Acebo, Raquel Meroño, Luis Feliu de la Peña and of course his muse and friend, Laura Ponte, did not want to miss the proposals of the designer.

The collection of Miguel Palacio for Hoss Intropía reiterates, as we have seen since they started the Fashion Week around the world that takes the pencil skirt, knee length and marked by a belt, waist signature identification signal.

At the time of the costume cocktail, Palace shortened skirts and low waists to hip in a revival of crazy 20. Special mention for Fox furs and patchwork coats and wonderful metallic shoes, on Monday was the special day of shoes.

A collection very elegant for urbanites women Monday’s in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Images | Gtres