Mens String Bikini Bathing Suits

At the pool or the sea, men are more likely to wear thongs of bath. Although it is not yet back in Vice, many no longer hesitate to gild their gluteus muscle in the Sun to remove the unsightly traces of tanning. The string of men offer is rich enough and allows everyone to find the model that fits him.

Why Wear a Thong of Bath?

Men pay more attention to their image and so to their physique, that’s a fact! So, it is understandable that while looking in the mirror after two weeks in the Sun, they want to see a body tanned evenly and natural. The string of bath allows this because the area that covers the buttocks in the Classic Speedo, disappears in favor of a thin string of fabric.

In addition, the followers of the version string swimsuit usually appreciate the comforts of a garment that does not interfere with their movements. With a g-string, you will find the impression of lightness and simplicity you’re looking for in the moments of relaxation and rest like the two pieces swimwear featured on

Choose His String of Bath

Do not hide it, wearing a string of bath is also immediate aesthetic considerations: show the beneficial forms of her body can bring a feeling of pride and satisfaction. In other words, do not be shy to wear this type of swimsuit…

Differentiate yourself by choosing your string: for example, wearing a thong Cocksox will be certainly considered as very provocative because it’s extremely tight. On the other hand, there are the patterns well more classics that will pass almost unnoticed. Discover the different existing models to determine the string that has your preference.