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Manuel Andrack nothing seeks happiness on his tours less than. This concerns not only the question of the right hiking society and the most beautiful landscape, but also the procurement of the path itself, birdsong and a thousand other details. Therefore wanders with a Wegezertifizierer and the trekking Association of Oberboihingen Manuel Andrack , meets a route planner and a walking psychologists and undergoes a ultimate practice test the best ideas of the outdoor industry. And then again makes up not only the Westerwald and the Zittau Mountains to hike, but also in Scotland, Macedonia and even in the Sahara to discover old and new ways.

Manuel Andrack is always on the lookout for the happiness of the perfect hike. In his latest book , he tells us how we find it.

Manuel Andrack
The new hiking
On the road in search of happiness

280 pages
€ 9,95
ISBN 978-3-8333-0713-3

Since Manuel Andrack tells in his successful books about the new hiking, running through forests and mountains is not stuffy. But what is the perfect hike? The way that stimulates all the senses and keeps us fit and healthy? The sight of a lovely landscape or the retreat into the Inn? Hiking is not a kinder surprise, because the Promenadologen explore it as meticulously as others the genome. Physicians recommend it very – if it is done in moderation. But keep is not all: there are extreme hikers, the 75 kilometers to go in 24 hours. This exception was Manuel Andrack but» normal ways «on the move, always looking for the luck of the perfect hike.» In this book, he tells us how wBir’s find.

The author

Manuel Andrack was born in 1965 in Cologne. From 1995 to 2008, he was Chief-Editor of the Harald Schmidt show, and Schmidt & Pocher. This activity was crowned by the German television awards in 2001 and 2003. Since 2004, he published books on hiking, 1. FC Köln, punk rock, and genealogy. He is the author, inter alia for the time and the star as also author and moderator at the Saarländischer Rundfunk.

The book “The new hiking” is available for 9.95 euro at

Manuel Andrack will read on 5 April in Saarbrücken in the Thalia Bookstore incidentally.


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