Mango Autumn/Winter: Balmain, Chanel, and Isabel Marant

Yesterday was a chaos. But of those that leave you with good taste, and is that taking advantage of the 080 Barcelona Fashion the firm Mango presented its collection autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. The site chosen was the University of Barcelona, with beautiful cloisters to the Gossip Girl. The venue was to burst: everyone wanted to see new proposals of this signature low-cost that love among celebrities. Where was Olivia Palermo? Burst you, although the familiar faces were a non-stop. 

With more than half an hour late and the Sun being between the arches of the corridors, the music began to sound and the people stood rapt. Yes, a signature is so what has: see urban looks you know that you can buy. The parade began with the collection He by Mango, followed by which everyone expected: the women’s collection. Costumes party, paillettes and the best garments of worked more details.

Year after year this Catalan company reinvents itself, but I have to say that part of their success are his designs inspired by the greats. And is that yesterday they breathed in the atmosphere a kind of déjà vu to the parades of Balmain, Isabel Marant y Chanel… But I’m delighted! And you? Tell us through

Attention Balmaniacas!!

If you’re fan of signature Balmain (with or without Christophe Decarnin) to front this season is yours. His style is appreciated in many of the outfits, and is that those Skinny metallic jeans pointed shoes and blazers could not remember another firm.


The hand of the great Karl & #8230;

Among the collection could see tweed jackets and dresses very ladylike us teletransportaban to the great parades Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. Metallic striped and fringed black dress is the most.


After the wake of Isabel Marant & #8230;

French is fashionable among celebrities! And handle knows of this reef, that is why some of your clothes you resemble the style of the designer. Sequin leggings, loose blouses with skinny … Love it!!

Mental note that you should keep in mind: for the lovers of the shoes at tip are luck, all models were in this shape! but not is if to be very comfortable, because all the models had problems with walking… The present there suffered for their delicate ankles, and it’s that looked like rubber!

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