Man Gucci Bag Sport and Dress

Here comes an elegant man Gucci dress from head to toe. Collection spring-summer will find the details of this suit in blue sky cotton, oblique stripe necktie, triband bamboo moccasins and reversible khaki gabardine. Can you request more her flawless look all trend?

So yes: a bag. This fashion accessory has already entered in the closets of many men but not all know how to take them on each occasion. Messenger, shopping bag, weekend bag, Briefcase: what mess. Today we will talk about two models of male bags that you can take everywhere with you.

The bags for men they have generous dimensions like this in dark brown crocodile leather. The contrast with the light colors of the clothes gives it to prominence and a touch of seriousness that comes very well to the model, ready to attend a formal meeting. The belt of the same tone is not unnoticed.

You will get it always hand and you meterás inside everything you need for your journey. I hope that you run so pockets full of whatever it is that they bulk as if you out of a store with shopping in them. It is unsightly and deformed cutting pants and American. By its rectangular shape, fit to imply any dossier or periodical.

For occasions where you can go into more casual clothes, can carry as bag a Briefcase in canvas with leather appliques . The look of the model combines trousers in cotton twill dark blue with grey peak without shirt jersey. More comfortable with a sweater sleeve long under grey wool stretch and decoration of the Gucci triband, for him a leather with elastic cuffs jacket.

The Gucci briefcase It is carried out in fabric with motif diamond (Rhombus) in beige and blue: the blue is also present in the sport collection. Brown skin as an ornament in zipper, double handles and front outside pocket. Its design is more similar to a bag than the previous week-end and can practically put everything inside. Aviator type sunglasses just missing to be perfect.

Go slowly seeing what possibilities you have when choosing the shape of your new male bag. Enter in the Man catalogues websites such as Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Bally or any other style that you identify best and looks for examples and combinations. It is easier than it seems.