Maintenance of Electronics: How to Repair the Headset

There is probably no statistic for this, but it is almost certain that everyone who uses gadgets has already switched phones at least once in their lifetime.It turns out that the purchase of a new headset is not always by mere desire, but, most of the time, it is due to a need arising from a defect that appeared in the product.

The problems are diverse, from bad contact in the connector to noises in one of the headphones.To get around this, the absolute majority opts for the purchase of a new phone, after all, to fix a product so cheap or worth it.However, after acquiring ten headphones and realizing that all of them have crashed, the repair becomes a tempting option, even more that costs very little.

Thinking about these constant problems with headphones, Tecmundo comes into action to give tips on how to fix your headset.In summary, our tutorials are suitable for any brand, but it is possible that some models show small differences.

List of materials

Our article boils down to three tutorials: replacing the headset pin, repairing a bad contact, and repairing cables connected to the speakers.To perform the procedures, you will need the following tools in PerComputer:

  • Cutting pliers or nozzle pliers with a special cutting area;
  • Stiletto;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Soldering Iron;
  • Tin alloy;
  • A stereo p2 connector and;
  • Insulating tape.

Replacing the headphone jack

1.Use the cutting pliers to cut the cable near the connector;

Detail: Be careful not to cut too close to the plug, as the bad contact may be in the part where the cable is malleable. Also do not cut too far, after all, we do not want to decrease the size of the cable.

2.Very carefully, use the stylus to remove the protective cover covering the wires;

Note: Applying too much force may end up damaging the wires that are below the protective cover.

3.Two wires (one for each channel of the handset) are shown. Remove the cap from them with the stylus;

Note: Some models do not have a protective cover, so they have three (if you use a common ground) or four wires (each channel with a separate ground wire). If your phone is of this type, just carry out the next step.

4.With the sandpaper, remove the protection from the cables that are wrapped;

  1. Connect the soldering iron to the outlet;
  2. Take the new connector and run the wires through the cover;
  3. Now twist one strand in the other (if your phone has only one earth, you do not have to do this);
  4. Use the tin alloy and the soldering iron to attach the wires to the connector;

Attention: To be sure that you will not solder the wires in reverse order, it may be interesting to open the old connector and check which one sends the signal for each channel.

9.Solder the ground wire into the middle hole of the connector;

  1. Thread the connector cover.Now just test the handset.

Fixing a bad contact problem

In this second tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to replace the headset cable.We do not recommend repairing an insulated part of the cable, as there may be more than one region with poor contact.

  1. Cut the cable near the headphones;
    Use the stylus to remove the protective cover from the piece of cord that was connected to the handset;
  2. Two strands are on display.Remove the cap from them with the stylus;
  3. With the sandpaper, remove the protection from the cables that are wrapped;
  4. Connect the soldering iron to the outlet;
  5. Take the new cable and solder the corresponding colors;
  6. Use the insulation tape to cover each of the patches;
  7. Apply the electrical tape to keep the wires together;
  8. Test your headset.

Clearing defects in the speaker contacts

In this last step, we show how simple it is to make a repair in the contacts of the loudspeakers.However, we must point out that some secrets of the device must be discovered by you, after all, each model has specific characteristics.

  1. Connect the soldering iron to the outlet;
  2. Open the headset;Caution: do not use too much force for this.Make sure the product does not have screws or latches.Check how you opened it, because you’ll need to close it later.
  3. Using only the soldering iron, heat the locations where the cables are connected. The solder on the handset will be melted and the cables loose;
  4. Pull some of the wires.Cut the part that is in bad contact;
  5. Use the metal alloy to attach the wire to the speaker;
  6. Close the headset. Now just test!
    This was another Tecmundo tutorial.We hope you’ve been able to solve your headset problem and enjoy your favorite music.Anything to add?Share your experience and your opinion with us!