Luxury Watches And Their Image

Watches offer one of the few ways to wear jewelry stylish men. Such as clothing and other Accessories, also a watch can tell something about the personality. But whether the suit or on the beach, a clock should fit to the wearer and complement its style. But caution is advised when selecting the clock because every watch brand stands for a certain style, who here is in addition runs the risk to reveal himself to the ridiculousness. We present some watch brands and its image and show what people dress them.

Here we are moving into the area of luxury watch brands, and in contrast to a simple watch this chronograph is top-quality timepiece, which have extra features like a stopwatch and are equipped with fine help dials. The key point in the quality of the watches is the mechanics say gears, drive factory, regulator, inhibition, and percussion. Differently than watches with a quartz movement these technical masterpieces without batteries do. Hundreds or even thousands hours of hand work into luxury watches. On, you can find the classic models as sporty watches and divers watches. The classic are more elegant, flat and simple, sporty models, however, bigger, more elaborate and more prominently.

Which celebrities wearing what watch brand?

Sporty watches must be naturally robust. These include brands such as TAG Heuer and Ebel which are grand-slam tournaments according to sponsors of major sporting events such as formula 1 and tennis. US President Barack Obama wears a TAG Heuer. The sporting image is through endorsement deals with golf star Tiger Woods, and Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio substantiated. A similar advertising strategy pursued the Italian luxury brand Panerai, since 1938 and extremely durable watches for the Italian frogmen force produced the following years. According to this tradition, Panerai has equipped with a their Chronographs actor in action flick like Sylvester Stallone in “Daylight” or Jasen Statham in “Transporter”. Thus, it becomes quickly apparent which image you want to carry this brand. For the CEO of a corporation or a pinstriped suit come different models to consider. The Rolex Submariner or the Rolex sea-dweller is a significantly more elegant dive watch. These Act on the beach athletic and the classic suit. The brand Omega in turn advertises itself as “James Bond” and George Clooney and so also shows that their watches both a sporty and elegant image transport.

Pilot’s watches are occupied with attributes such as “male” and “sporty”. Among other things the brand sense, IWC and Breitling their image feed with pilot’s watches models. As the name already suggests, the relatively large and thus striking pilot’s watches were originally designed for aircraft pilots. In common that they are robust and easy to read is. While there is no universally accepted definition of what a pilot’s Watch, but often they have certain features and functions. Many have a soft iron core against magnetization, and usually there’s a position determination carried the possibility with the clock.

Klaus small box Rolex retouching scandal

Chronograph of Breitling brand is also Ferdinand Piech, Chairman of Volkswagen AG. His colleague and VW Chairman Martin Winterkorn, however, prefers A brand watches. Lange & Söhne, which can be found in the five-figure price range. Anders Telekom boss Rene Obermann. This comes from a modest background, and one said to him, remained despite its rise on the ground. This is reflected in the choice of his wristwatch. He wears a comparatively simple and inexpensive Meistersinger N ° 01. He needs no Rolex as a status symbol – in contrast to many other celebrities from business and society. Although there is clearly more expensive watches, a Rolex is one of the most recognizable status symbols at all and even watches layman is a term. But not always arrives in such an expensive watch, has himself thought 2005 also the PR Department of Siemens and on an official press photo to the inauguration of former Siemens bosses simply airbrushed Klaus Kleinfeld whose expensive Rolex on his wrist. Siemens was obviously of the opinion that Rolex, record profits and the simultaneous announcement of job losses are not a good combination.

Luxury watches as an investment

A five – or even six-digit amount is not uncommon for a luxury watch, even if many watch manufacturers in the wake of the crisis to sometimes cheaper and outwardly simpler models, the BASELWORLD watch fair 2010 according to Editor-in-Chief of Chronos has shown Rüdiger Bucher. But such high quality watches are also as an investment. In these times, where the euro is under pressure and some economic experts announce an inflation, luxury wrist watches for Recihe provide a way for the expansion of the portfolio.

Who moves soon once again in one of the trouble spots of the world, yet at the end of the year appears bulletproof watch Devon works is recommended at this point. Their juice is only two weeks, but that thanks to the poly carbonate crystals withstand even the thickest terrorist missile. The chance to meet their clock, is it not so low as the chronograph is not just discreetly nestles on the arm – but for a measly $15,000 his carrier wants to can show forth Yes finally something.

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