Lifestyle Sunday

I relaxed in this as a last weekend. Only then, in the short term at a move with a jump, but then the rest of the weekend with my wife far from the home a little to enjoy. Quasi, a spa trip to celebrate our second anniversary. Truly not the worst occasion to leave your own four walls. For those who have stayed at home or have at least one screen in front, there is the current issue of Lifestyle Sunday.

But before it starts with accessories, fashion and co, I would first like to take a brief look back at the past weekend. I was at theFormula E race in Monaco and could take a look behind the scenes at Jaguar Racing. Definitely an extraordinary trip. My impressions, opinions and thoughts have been captured with many photos at If you are interested, simply look around.

This week the Lifestyle Sunday is a bit about eating and drinking, at least it seems like I let my gaze wander over the content. Is not so wrong. The beginning is Marley Spoon , you have certainly already seen this time or another here in the blog. Just around the Christmas time and/or New Year’s Eve we like to go back to their box to make the work in the kitchen a little easier. But also during the year there are a lot of interesting dishes according to LAWFAQS.

Next week, there will be a crispy sesame cake with green asparagus and Sriracha dip followed by a chicken in Korma marinade with peppers and Basmati wild rice-both sounds really good. If you call the corresponding recipes, you can see directly that it looks really good!

After the food now stands, we can think about the drinks. With beer you can make nothing wrong. Last week I got a small package with two bottles of Paul Zwickl. Quasi the new entry in the house Paulaner: a naturtürbes Kellerbier, brewed in the historical Dreimaischverfahren and with finest Hersbruck hops. Comes with a full-bodied and full-bodied aroma and is ideal for the sunny days.

Besides the taste, however, the glass decor of the beer convinced me. This is burnt in place instead of glued, remains permanently on the bottle and makes the bottle not only unmistakable, but also particularly environmentally friendly. Because if I do not like one with ice-cold beer, it is the label, which remains in the hand in this hanging.

Let’s go straight to chilled drinks. For the successful ending of a session on the mountain or on the beach belong highfives and cold beer. This is what the Dakine Party collection looks like, which consists of various packs and bags with incorporated beveragecoolers. This collection is designed to be optimally equipped while knowing fluids and provisions well cooled. Not only space for can beer and ice cubes is available, also a bottle opener is accommodated with. Practically, right?

So that time is not lost sight of the weekend and to use these effectively, it is now the Tissot Savonnette, a pocket watch with a difference. Savonnette is actually the French word for toilet soap and also the namesake for pocket watches with double-sided cover.This compound is attributed to the respectively characteristic round shape.

In 2017, the Tissot Savonnette is celebrating a revival from the 1930s as a new interpretation in elegant bicolor optics. Perhaps the most striking detail is the four pink gold-colored parallel strips on the brass case. In addition, rose gold-colored elements are also found on the bright dial of this 48.5 millimeter measuring quartz watch.

Before we left our own four walls on Saturday to escape a little from everyday life, there was still a relocation. Rather, the transport of a table, closet and a few chairs.

But since neither in our car, nor in my moving mate everything fits, we at Sixt in Heidelberg to beat and secured us a corresponding transporter. The fact that the car can be returned 24 hours a day is particularly fascinating. What we did then at Sixt also before it started off in the relaxed part of the weekend.

Once again an interesting campaign, which ran me over there byTalisker. In the tradition of adventurers and explorers of past times, the “Made by the Sea” campaign shows a collaboration with the experienced globetrotter Sam Branson.

Sam, together with Talisker Brand Ambassador Ervin Trykowski, has experienced his own adventure on the way to Skye-to find out for himself what it means to be “Made by the Sea”, shaped by the forces of the sea. The campaign embodies the deep connection between the brand and the adventure spirit in the original sense – to which even the founding of the Talisker distillery more than 200 years ago.

The philosophy of le’Gent is to create a brand that allows men to become aware. Conscious about your own person and the environment around them. These are high-quality care products for everyday use. Particularly interesting is the combination of a skin care product for day and night-does not need to pay for two products. But still get the desired care effect. The products are free of paraffin, allergens, dyes and paraben and thus supports a natural and conscious lifestyle. More information can be found here.

H & M presents the current H&M summer collection for 2017 this week . The company is waiting with three keyloooks, which make the connection of style and uncomplicated functionality very successful.

As a city uniform, the looks are perfect for a relaxing day in the city or for an outdoor dinner. Freedom Finesse offers space for movement and Exotic Vibe matches with an expressive, exotic print on summery weather.

Just in time for the summer Grillido is waiting with something special: the asparagus sausage. Instead of asparagus for sausage it is called asparagus in the sausage! At the start of the barbecue season the seasonal BBQ sausage , Spargelico ‘from Grillido with turkey meat, balsamic vinegar, honey, nutmeg and fresh green asparagus is brought to the start.

To ensure the healthy grilling pleasure this summer, there are also two delicious and 100% natural grill soaps-developed by the French two-star chef Patrick Coudert. The fruity fresh, Grillido Pure Mango Curry ‘as well as the fine smoky, Grillido Pure Red BBQ’.The summer can come!

The Sevenfriday S-Series in Industrial Engine Design features a design that is based on industrial engines. Thus the S3/01 is based on a multidimensional clock mechanism. The open design of the S-Series reveals the interior life of the housing, which splits the built-in interface visibly into different levels. The matte red hour hand and the rhodium minute hand are positioned in the middle of a 60-second brake disc, while the case is enclosed in an EPDM animation ring and crown protector. Fancy or too much of the good?

At last summer, Tiger of Sweden is also thinking about bringing the current summer collection 2017 to the start. Blue and brown tones give the tone, partly in combination with eye-catching, floral patterns, partly playfully represented. For a perfect summer look, light fabrics and colorful patterns are created. Striped short-sleeved bomber style cotton mixes are combined into microstructure wool pants with a wide leg, high waist and casual fit.

Slim fit jackets with all-over flowerprints ensure an ideal start into the holiday season. You can argue about the wide leg in the trousers as well as the high waist, the bomber jackets know how to be more enthusiastic.

With the brand new Powerbeats3 Wireless-Trophy Gold Beats by Dr. Dre with a newly revised headphone for the sport. This comes in the colors black and gold therefore, as well as powerful and dynamic sound as well as a recharge time of 12 hours.

Class I also find its FastFuel property, which allows it to listen after just five minutes charging time again an hour of music.Furthermore, the sweat and water-resistant earphones have Bluetooth Class 1 and RemoteTalk headphones, which allows you to answer, play music and activate Siri. Sounds good, does not it?

“Raw Sophistication” describes the elegant and yet robust autumn/winter look by Weber+Weber. Loden, Breitcord and “frosted Wool” are used for the collection. As in the case of previous collections, one relies on traditionally inspired cuts, which are implemented in classic tailoring and stand for the charac-tistic vintage look of the Austrian label.