LG Presents New Smartphone Display with a Record Resolution

The manufacturer of smartphones upgrade more and more not only in the area of memory or the clock rate of installed processors. The display also improved, as LG has now once again demonstrating. A quad-HD screen that offers resolution amounting to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels which now revealed the company from South Korea. This ppi realized a pixel density of height of 538 which supports up to date still not a Smartphone.

The Quad-HD display from LG is very thin with only 1.21 millimeters. The same applies to the rim, which has a comparable low size. The LG panel called a quad-HD display, since it reached a four times greater number of pixels, as a classical HD screen with 1,280 x 720 pixels. LG describes the quality of the videos shown on the screen should be significantly higher. Especially on the sharpness and contrast this to match, as confirmed by the South Koreans. But not only in these properties, the Quad-HD Panel differs from previous models. In terms of brightness, the display is to set new standards.

Further optimization in comparison to the predecessor

LG display experts are extremely determined, regarding the improvement of screen technology for smartphones. Already, a panel with a 5.2-inch diagonal in July 2013 has been shown the LG described as the world’s thinnest display. A resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 was achieved with this model. The company with this presentation, LG display as pavers of screens for various mobile electronic devices once again shows that repeatedly set new standards in the research were. This also announced Byeong-koo Kim, who has worked as head of Smartphone Development Department at LG. “LG will continue on the mobile display market in the future”, according to a press release.

Currently, it is not yet certain what smartphones will have this display. LG display is active as you know as well as suppliers of Apple.