Leather Shoulder Bag – Also For Men

The shoulder bag leather is also a great gift for the lords of creation.After all,He has to carry all sorts of things with him nowadays.The electronic helpers want to be well stowed away.Basically,every man wants a cool bag,which he can take everywhere.Always cool,casual and yet practical.But not every man has a desire to look for the right piece for a long time.

That is why it makes sense to be able to enjoy a little bit of Christmas before Christmas and maybe to put the new favorite piece under the tree.

In a leather shoulder bag,it is the most wide,adjustable shoulder strap that provides comfort.You can carry a lot with you.

You want to see more shoulder bags made of leather?

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Campomaggi shoulder bag leather for her and him

Campomaggi Shoulder Bags Leather are simply cult!Also and especially the gentlemen of the creation have a lot of joy in the cool parts when they get to know each other,so they always deal with pockets.Each Campomaggio bag is refined.First they are sewn from unprocessed cowhide and then washed in barrels with dye and secret additives.This creates the vintage look.
Nevertheless, everything is environmentally friendly.Each model is unique.And – this bag become more and more interesting over the years. Just as you used to know about old leather bags.They were not thrown away,they always gained in structure. Due to the massive hardware of the bags,the small fish as logo and the special look,the bags are also perfect for men.
This model has a magnetic closure and a leather logopatch on the back.The fittings are bronze.

Piquadro Shoulder Bag Leather with contrasting panels

Contrast and sporty!The shoulder bag leather is available in 5 color variations,one more interesting than the other.A great men’s shoulder bag.Rectangular, smooth and distinctive.The lining is made of nylon, there are many compartments and an output for a headphone cable.The calf leather bag is closed with practical zip fasteners.Hingucker are the outer compartments, which are decorated with turquoise-colored contrast panels.The narrow shape is unobtrusive and dynamic.The perfect gift for Him!At the moment drastically reduced by 42 €!

The Bridge Sfoderata Luxe Shoulder Bag Leather

The Bridge Sfoderata Luxe comes in a classic,casual style.It is made of the finest leather, from the house tanneries of the company.Subsequently,the leather is polished by hand on high gloss.All the pockets of this line have many functional features,such as laptop compartments,dividers,locks, trolley attachments.This model is quite simple,inside and out,and therefore just right for male purists.The size is perfect for every day to carry the most important utensils.

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