Leather Shoes Care Guide

Leather shoes stand for quality and are available in many variants. Especially in autumn, leather shoes are fashionable. But the range of leather leaves many confused. We clear up with the leather chaos and show you what is really good for your shoes.

Over 200 types of leather are known all over the world. However, not all find use in the shoe industry.

Basically you have to distinguish between leather and smooth leather. Rough and smooth leather require different care. For the time being, we are dedicating ourselves to the ruffle.

Suede And Nubuck Leather

The ruffle is also known as suede and is divided into suede and nubuck leather. In the case of the former, the inner side, the so-called flesh side, is ground to the outer side, the so-called skin side.

The suede obtains a uniform, fibrous surface, while the nubuck leather has an artificial fiberiness through the process. Nubuck leather has shorter fibers and therefore needs more care to stay nice.


To ensure that the leather remains supple and has sufficient protection, care is particularly important.

For all types: impregnate before first use! This protects the shoe from moisture and moisture, as well as against

Larger soiling.

The most common form is the impregnation spray, but also atomizers and liquid variants are available. Impregnation agents may only be used outdoors or in well-ventilated places such as the balcony! Care should be taken to ensure that the impregnation spray is especially suitable for rufflers.

Rough leather care

The ruffle is very sensitive and should be impregnated permanently. Greasy or waxy cleaning agents are taboo as they stick to the surface of the leather. Exceptions are fatty leather. More about this in Part II.

Velor and nubuck leather should be dry cleaned, for an intensive cleaning with some foam help. For a color refreshment various rueleder sprays in common colors.One should dispense with colorless variants, because colorless makes colorless. Both before and after the application of care agents the leather thoroughly roughen to restore the optics. Use a velor leather brush.

This was part I of our leather care series. Next week, Part II will be presented with the topic of leather care.