Leather Legging And Roll Neck Sweater

Hair or pimples-how would you choose? When I think objectively about it, I say, “Thank you very much for the very generous offer, but I do not give thanks.” After all, I’m no longer in puberty (even if my daughter says otherwise). 

But unfortunately I have only the choice between plague and cholera and must live with either of them and no, we are not talking about places that are rarely exposed to fresh air or even sunlight. On the contrary, the place I am talking about is almost always outside, always in the sun, and gets the undivided attention when looking into the mirror. I guess you guessed it already-the speech is the ladies asdflkjasr… so ladies Ba.alskfdjlasjfd…

It Is Plucked

You already know, hair, no hair between the nose and upper lip (philtrum means the position in the specialist jargon), which become with increasing age and Hormondingens ever more-thus the hair, not the upper lip. In any case, my amiable and expert beautician clarified me. (Memo to me, the next visit to determine which things I “still” do not want to know.) Readers can not miss the fact that I really like to wear red lipstick and of course, such a conspicuous color the mouth and nose part rather in Light of attention, and, of course, all the things you do not really want to focus on. So my cosmetics fairy is always in my ears with it, or actually it is more with the tweezers in my face and plucking and it does really very gently and carefully and nevertheless I get the next day everywhere unsightly pimples…

Only Waxing Is Worse

…and it is terribly dreadful, if this place is waxed with wax (cold or hot, no matter). Though I know that-I mean, I’m 41, and that my “breeder’s brake” can not stand it if you take her head hair, I know… Definitely for 10 years and yet, on Monday evening after 11 pm I had It simply forgotten or maybe the action was also my half-sleep owed.I mean, who will be beautiful on Mondays after 11 pm with dim lighting the upper lip? Well, three times you can guess and then you know right away, whose upper lip is now littered with numerous pimples.

Leather Legging And Roll Neck Sweater

…I’m glad that we did the outfit photos before my night-time depilation session and I only had on Tuesday evening an appointment, where I had among people. The misery had not yet blossomed in full glory. However, I would be really grateful if today would use the spontaneity cure, because I go tomorrow with my best friend in the city, to hit my Christmas voucher on the head and vain, as I am, I would not really look like that , But good, there is really more important, my outfit for example-hehe… After the winter with quite a lot of snow reported back, the thick roll collar sweater, which fits perfectly to leatherlegging, I can still use well. Have a nice Friday and a wonderful start to the weekend-Conny <3