Learn the Benefits of Using Toys in Children’s Learning

The thought on the education of children, parents and educators tend to separate the playtime with time for studies, creating a routine in which these two separate times.. Increasingly, however, experts suggest that free toys in his spare time, in between which allowed the hobbies, is not to exploit the full potential they offer for the cognitive development of children.

Use jokes in the children’s learning brings several benefits. Get to know some reasons to adopt this strategy with children:

  1. Promote The Collective Intelligence

Play is a joint activity that develops with the participation of all children. In this way, the child seeks solutions in partnership with their colleagues, learning to deal with different opinions and work together.

He creates a world similar to the real, in which coexists with the other characters. This learning takes place horizontally, and not from an adult who enforces the teachings.

  1. Is An Inclusive Activity

We know that each has easily in certain task and, often, do something that is not as good as others can intimidate the child persists in that activity, especially in the classroom, where there is the comparison of grades and performance.

With educational toys, however, there is no right or wrong and everyone can develop in the way that feels most comfortable.

  1. Develops Cognitive Aspects

When playing, the child will exercise patience and discipline, and to encourage the concentration.She learns to deal with his goals and the best way to conquer them. These are particular aspects that the traditional classroom experience often does not provide, but that need to be addressed in coexistence with other children.

  1. Generate Self-Confidence

Often we fall into the temptation to solve the problems for children in order to spare them from any possible disappointment. As a joke, they are rather independent, and can take their own decisions. In a board game, for example, must think of a strategy, even if simple, or decide the best place to hide on hide and seek. Become more confident and open to new experiences.

  1. Stimulates The Imagination

The children’s learning is often based on imitation of behaviors of people with whom she relates, leaving it very similar with their families and even teachers. With the freedom of the joke, she doesn’t feel the commitment of repetition, because there is necessarily an obligation to do the exercise properly. The big gain of the educational game is in the process, not in your resolution for you.

  1. Facilitates Memorization

Our greatest memories have always an affective connection. When the child plays, your learning is naturally associated with a good time, shared with colleagues or loved ones. Thus, learning is much higher than during school, where content becomes a must.

Play and study, therefore, are allied and complementary activities. Try to reconcile the two moments of children and propose connections between the lessons that need to be taught in a playful moment!

And you, uses some kind of joke or educational toy to stimulate your child’s learning? Share with us your experiences and opinions! In our Shop has amazing toys to stimulate the little ones. Keep an eye on the blog and see you soon!