Layered Look Clothing In Large Sizes

What Is Any Layered Look Or Layering?

Layered look plays a role not only in the fashion for large sizes, but is worn by women of any size.

The special is the one above the other are of various garments, as well as at the so-called onion look.But not for the purpose to keep warm then the one or the other part to take off, but from purely fashionable aspects.

The layered look can and should she be too see this fashion including (trousers under a dress, long top under a shorter top section).

This mode is also for convenience, the dressing room sits loose and nowhere restricts. Usually also emphasis on natural materials such as linen and silk.

Great patterns, patch pockets, corner seams and slit hems are often in thelayered look.

Women in large sizes often prefer the layered look because he so beautiful veiled and can conceal.

Well-Known Designers And Brands For The Layered Look

Hebbeding, Barbara Speer, nook, Túrbulence, Terrè, Excaladya, just to name a few Aurea Vita and Kalra.

The layered look is not for women the simplicity and elegance love. At least not with these designers. Since quite a bit of courage is needed.
I think the combo of gloves with deally top class. Of course prefer that in black and white. Right up my alley.

Themselves wear I also like layered look but not in very wide balloon-shaped cuts, but how had with narrower silhouette. In other words: a narrower (pencil) rock under a long slightly waisted tunic or a longer top with a shorter jacket or Bolero.

While I make sure that the seams of the individual pieces at the points end up that I would like to stress (so in my case, not to the fullest part of the hips). Also I’m colour-coded for a maximum of two colors or BB´s is too colorful me as a black junkie the thing.

Learn more about the styling of layered look and photos as he is the best combined soon here and in my upcoming ebook”style coach XXL”.

Clothcraft Layered Look Yourself

Hardly a look are so ideal for the Selberschneidern such as this one. Not because just as an emphasis on the perfect fit but the clothing is loose and casual. The cuts for this are often very simple and easy to runstitched.

Soon I will add a few tutorials and sewing patterns here, because just for the summer are substances such as linen great to sew and own creative.

Here Reading The Layered Look

EBay offers several shops layered look-mode:out site.

and and and. Just search at for layered look.

Navabi offers an extra category for layered look in his Designer online shop: out site.

Sewing Patterns For The Layered Look

Fabric warehouse-online shop for sewing patterns, Amy Butler, onion, pattern company, Burda, concoction>layered look Design Studio.

Just try out the layered look. Completely new combination possibilities and unexpected new styles revealed it. Have fun!