Lanterns In Trees: Light Your Garden!

For those who will make a late-night outdoor party or a romantic dinner on the beach or field House, decorate the trees with lanterns is a decoration which is economical and charming. The pool is also very welcoming.

Flashlights that work with solar energy or electrical, or with Rechaud, the fixtures can be made only of empty or jelly jars can be purchased in stores parts of lighting and decoration.

Make your garden a magical place and cosy, leveraging ideas on lanterns in trees.




1 Wash empty glass jars of jam, tomato paste, baby formula, and other glass containers that you have at home.
Put about 3 fingers of sand or aquarium pebbles at the bottom of each pot.

Enter a Rechaud candle inside each pot, taking care to be posted, melting a little paraffin on the base of the candle.

Make handles of copper wire or brass, which are quite malleable, around the mouth of each pot. Use pliers to cut the ends.

Before lighting the lamps, pass a string or string thick on each handle, and hang on the branches of trees, tying well.

Make sure the candle flames don’t come up to the string, so use candles of Rechaud which are flattened.

Get Japanese-style lanterns. There are models made of nylon, which work to sunlight.
Choose colors that match the party decoration or dinner, or just make a whole colorful decoration or of one color.

The formats of these lanterns can be oval, round or star-shaped flowers.You can find these fixtures in shops specializing in Japanese goods or in lighting stores.

In the case of paper lanterns are an electrical installation must be done with wires, sockets and bulbs. Ask the professional services of a technician in electricity.

If the flashlights are solar energy, hang them each in a tree branch, and wait to arrive at night to see them shine.

Opt for a more sophisticated decor that will last a lifetime, even for internal environments of home, acquiring metal Moroccan style lanterns.
Place within each flashlight, a candle Rechaud, and hang the lamps strategically placed among the branches of trees.

At night, the effect of light and shade of the metal lantern, will worked beautiful effects that will remember the stories of 1001 nights.

Use and abuse the charm of old lamps, metal fixtures that already come with handles and can be used both for candles and lamps to electricity.
Find these products in shops of decoration or lighting, and hang them by the handles with the help of strings, the branches of the trees of your garden.

Use the candles of Rechaud which already come with metal base, to the paraffin does not spread in the bottom of the Lantern.