Laatste Elfstedentocht Schaats

If in 2012 the opportunity to wheel a Elfstedentocht seemed larger than usual, it was not really very well known that there was a new Student Cross designed. The old one had been replaced by a new cross. But the new Elfsteden cross not beaten before that one effective Elfstedentocht.

The eleven cities Cross

The eleven cities Cross all have the Race of Races have been completely, but there are conditions for the branch.

  • So someone must also be a member of the Association, has been given a ticket for the trip himself and society tour skater must be received before midnight.
  • Skaters must also match in 120% of the time within which the winner of the match goes out.
  • It will also always be a complete Punchcards forwarded to show that all the checkpoints actually passed.This stamp items are obvious secret.
  • To participate in the Elfstedentocht is still needed: a person can only be a member if he is on 1 October for the winter season where someone wants to reunite with their z??at least 18 years of age.
  • In addition, one must have a certificate stating that he or she can make a journey of 200 kilometres in a single day.This statement is given by two members of the Association. This means that the other two members of the Association who explains that someone might need could very well determine whether someone can offer such?? s enormous effort.

The coveted cross

For many people, the cross, therefore, a valuable metal, because they have a huge accomplishment for delivery. People who have driven journey decades earlier and 200 kilometers have accomplished, therefore nurture cross often intimately.

Barbara Jonkers

The new Eleven Cross was designed by graphic designer Barbara Jonkers. She was born in Seattle, but live in 2012 in Leeuwarden. She drew the cross after the centenary of the Federation of the Frisian eleven cities in 2009. Although the design so there are already a number of years, is the new cross is still not beaten in 2012.

Change logo Royal Society, the Frisian eleven cities

The cross was in 2009 due to the logo that year was also. That had more to do with the fact that the society that year received the designation Royal. What remained was the Foundation: the Maltese cross.The words?? the Frisian eleven cities?? However, it is cut in half. Of the Royal Crown, it is then. Moreover, there is no image on the cross, just got a picture.

Piet Kleine got no Elfsteden Cross

1997 Contest Skater Piet Kleine not cross because he misses a shot. The former world champion all-round Speedskating rode in the front ranks, but he was so impressed by all these people on the ice as he missed checkpoint At Hindeloopen. Even if everyone had seen him passing by and there were television images, but he was disqualified. The Royal Society, the Frisian eleven cities, however, are in many cases so severe. People who have no start condition, for example, can’t really participate, unless they are the Prince of Orange and have special authorisation. How much a person will pay to go yet, it can not be started. Skating on someone else?? cards are also prohibited. If anyone gets a place, but could not attend, he can’t pass on another his card. This policy is strictly enforced. Fraud will be punished immediately by the sanctions. The rule remains that must be stamped and that only a complete Punchcards provides cross. That someone was a member of the Association is the first condition.

Special Elfstedentocht

The Special on the Elfstedentocht is given more information about the Race of Races which are run only 15 times. Read about it in: The Elfstedentocht.