Knows What a DSLR Camera Or Reflex

The acronym for DSLR cameras means: Digital Single-Lens Reflex. This type of equipment is also called Reflex camera.

OK, but what is a DSLR camera or Reflex?

There is a lot of technical terms to define what is a DSLR. To simplify, the main characteristics of these reflex cameras is that you can see on the display on the back of the machine, the same image that comes through the camera lens.

OK again. But nowadays you can see what’s going to be photographed through the screen (LCD screen) after any compact digital camera.

It turns out that in the old days it was not so. The Reflex cameras (SLR) were created at the time of the movie and, on occasion, the cameras came with a display on the right side, where you looked to see what was being framed (see in the picture).

The problem is that as the display was separated from the lens, happened a phenomenon called “Parallax error”, since what is via wasn’t exactly the same angle of the scene that would by the lens. Proof of this are the piles of pictures with the head cut off what your Mama keeps in a shoe box in the closet.

Well, the Reflex cameras ( SLRcalls) solved this problem for professional photographers and amateurs. With the arrival of the digital age, these cameras have won a sensor (CCD or CMOS) to replace the movies. Then they added the’d ‘, digital, camera nomenclature (D-SLR).

Now let’s explain How does a DSLR camera (see the infographic)?

The light enters through the lens of the camera (1) and hits a mirror positioned exactly 45° (2). The mirror, the light moves up and focuses on a pentaprism (five-sided Prism) (3) that inverts the image and reflects on the camera display (4), allowing to see exactly what will be photographed.

When you press the shutter, the mirror opens up (up) and the light reaches the digital sensor (5) recording the image. This sensor can either be 35 mm (full frame) and minor (crop). Some large format cameras also use this system.

Clever huh?!

Well, that’s the way it works a DSLR camera, or Reflex.

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