Kenzo Kids Collection (I)

Finally, when a child, clothe Kenzo. And if it is a child, then also, but at the moment I bring part of the collection Kenzo Kids with their shirts, dresses, bolersos, jackets, hats, raincoats… everything perfect for spring.

Because say in his town making heat… Please, that book me one afternoon, because cold weather in Madrid! This collection is the more accessible because it can be purchased at the centers of El Corte Inglés, which brings us much fashion more Chic for kids.

Safe Kids companions and more giving them tracks for all those little ones who invade their lives, to my time I would like to combine with the collection Dior, those elegant dresses with dresses and casual looks presenting Kenzo.

First, the t-shirts. Different, nothing impossible colors, or children’s drawings, elegant necks, flowers, sequin details, whether braces, short-sleeved and without all adjusted, there are also flight.

Combined with jackets or wraps with dibusjos. This white is that liked most, although there are other models in Fuchsia, or other ringtones.

And the dresses… the beach, Yes, perfect knot like this. Flyers and typical flowers for a child without being ñoño; look a dress of flowers without stridency; without colors fluorine and no giant label. It’s a Kenzo dress for a well dressed girl.

As in the Dior collection, but without being yellow, a raincoat with Hat game. Maybe flowers are not where I would have put, but the set is useful and stylish.

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