Jewelry Watches Are Worn Mainly By Women

Renaud Lestringant is Managing Director at Cartier. In an interview with the Gentleman Blog , he talks about the invention of the watch, the image of Cartier watches and about the Panther as a trademark.

Mr Lestringant, long time there was for men only, pocket watches. When was the wristwatch?

1904 with Santos de Cartier Watch , Cartier developed the first modern wristwatch. It was developed to be worn on the wrist. That was an absolute pioneer performance.

And how did it come about?

You need to know that at the turn of the century many technical developments an urge for changes there. The aircraft were a novelty and was a flight pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont. He was a close friend of Louis Cartier, he brought his requests closer: he could not measure the time during his flights, because it was too dangerous to take a hand off the stick, to read the time on the Pocket Watch. So, he needed a practical watch. And so it came to the pilot’s watch Santos de Cartier Watch.

The Panther is the brand name of Cartier. Why actually?

It all started in 1914 with an invitation card on which a Panther was. Louis Cartier, the head of the Paris Cartier boutique, loved this animal. Fascinated by the strength and elegance that puts it. During this time he met also Jeanne Toussaint, his muse and later head of the high jewellery ateliers. She was strong and elegant and snuck himself like a Panther through the hallways. No wonder, then, that she 1948 confidently and with their own free will – a brooch with a Panther created for the Duchess of Windsor – a woman like that, on an emerald towers.

«Cartier is regarded as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers «.» What prominent Kings and heads of State has Cartier already fitted?

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was actually no European Royal House, which was not supplied by Cartier. Even the Russian Tsar and many maharajas of India could make creations in Paris.

What jewels beyond the wrist watches are still popular with the men?

The wedding ring of course. But even cuff links are considered jewelry.

Which image represent the wrist watches of Cartier?

Cartier watches are classic and timeless, as INsideWatch says. You are subject to any trend. The men’s collection is very prominent and masculine. In addition we emphasize a technique that sets new standards. For example our own movement 1904-MC is used in the Calibre de Cartier .

In addition to the classics, you have luxurious, tipped with gold and diamond jewelry watches on sale. Who’s the target audience?

Jewelry watches are worn mainly by women. But of course there are also men who like to wear gold watches. It is always a question of personal taste and the necessary Kleingelds.

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