Jewelry Trends 2016

Restraint And Simplicity Were Yesterday  (message *) 2016 placed strong statements with earrings, rings and hair accessories. According to the slogan “the main thing attracting attention,” is of Hoops up to the chain look this year everything with it. Stars like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj do before it, and the world follows. This year, large jewelry lovers so live it completely. More about the accessories that are fully in this year’s trend, you are experiencing now.

In the 90s graced the tight-fitting necklace neck by almost all fashion-conscious women and teenage girls, including model Vanessa Paradis. Thanks to the 90s revival trend now daughter Lily-Rose was with the striking necklace spotted. Choker be worn since the 15th century, but because it makes us so much freedom to interpret, the trend returns repeatedly. Louis Vuitton and Dior opted this year for example, choker with a futuristic design while Lanvin on metal and leather set.

Gold and silver
Some jewels are simply timeless and elegant stay for years. In this category you can the gold and silver jewelery  classify. Silver has long been the more popular choice for costume jewelry, but the attractive price of gold lured nowadays more and more artists. The warm tones of the precious metal fit well with bracelets with pendants or large statement necklaces.

Another accessory that was considered especially popular in the 90s and is now experiencing a great comeback, is the Creole. The large, round earrings is mainly people with angular facial features  *.Who has a round or short face, which was rather too long, narrow grip hanging earrings, because they face more distinctive covers bring. Even in the 60s and 70s Hoops Been popular. The fact that this trend keeps coming up, showing their timelessness . Stars like Rihanna love the 90s look, plus the big earrings are not missing.

Pink and Pink
This year you can let your inner princess free rein because pink and rose are back in fashion. From pink feather earrings to romantic Blumentiaras allowed one (s) to 2016 from his feminine side show.You can your outfit for example with colored diamonds of 77 Diamonds that certain something.

This year chains are created. From anklets over body chains to end chains you can decorate every part of your body with chains. The style ranges from elegant to boho-chic-so choose the look that suits you best.

The right outfit complements your body chain with a pearl jewelry. This year you can dare a great deal in his choice of accessories: Both Tiaras and body chains and statement necklaces and feminine colors are all the rage. So it is the perfect year to bring the daring pieces from the jewelry box and put on display.

What kind jewelry carries you most like?