Jewelry Tools and Accessories at a Glance

What Material Do You Need Jewelry Making?

Have you asked yourselves maybe ever, what you need for tools, utensils and beads for making jewelry and want to try even once to design own jewelry and crafts? A few basics such as jewelry pliers and jewelry yarn should immediately be purchased at the beginning, so the own creations on right off the bat. These are also not that expensive and linked to some examples in this article.


What are components? Jewelry is known as decoration in the jewelry sector, which can produce jewellery and crafts. The online store gets this. The term components fall under the following materials:

  • Eye pins / pins, for example here:pins *
  • Intermediate parts, for example here:heart intermediate part, silver anchor, infinity symbol *
  • End caps / caps, for example here:end to squeeze *
  • Snap hook silver, for example here:snap hooks with bending rings set *
  • Snap hooks of gold, for example here:Snap Hooks gold*
  • Crimp beads, for example here:100 beads *
  • Spring rings, E.g. here:jump rings 5 mm *
  • Eyelets, E.g. here:eyelet 6 mm *
  • U-bolt / earring / earrings, for example here:25 X earring hooks *
  • Laminated balls
  • Dome / valve caps, for example here:40 folding capsules crimp beads *
  • Magnetic clasp, for example here:10 X magnetic closure *
  • Extension chain, for example here:extension chain *
  • Chain connectors, E.g. here:necklace strap 10 mm *

Beads & Stones

The pearls and precious stones that you want to use for his creations are the most important jewelry in jewelry making. You give the piece of jewelry the look and that certain something, determine the colors and style. A mix of sparkling Swarovski crystals and powerful gems can be also very interesting.

  • Freshwater pearls, for example here:freshwater pearls 4 mm *
  • Glass beads, for example here:bead 6 mm *
  • Glass pearl beads, for example here:bead 10 mm, different colors *
  • Polaris beads, for example here:Polaris beads *
  • Gems
  • Swarovski crystals, E.g. here:50 ORIGINAL Swarovski Crystal beads 4 mm *
  • Beads, for example here:seed beads, cream *
  • Alphabet beads, for example here:40 piece alphabet beads *
  • 8 mm white imitation pearls, for example here:white beads, 8 mm *

Cord & Yarn

Without the right jewelry cord isn’t of course. It should care to use a suitable cord, because otherwise quickly rip the piece of jewelry and break down.

  • Macrame cord, for example here:1 mm Nylon cord different colors *
  • Jewelry yarn, for example here:wildfire yarn  (tears not) *.
  • Jewellery chains, for example here:fine silver chain *
  • Pearl wire, for example here:Pearl wire 0.4 mm steel *
  • Pearl silk, for example here:Pearl silk Ø 0, 60 mm white *
  • Elastic nylon cord, for example here:nylon cord *