Jeans, Jeans, Jeans – Or What Do I Wear?

Recently, I have reported about writing blocks♥and have now discovered the solution for this thing… My mobile phone… because I have a “new keyboard” installed and see, she already knows before me what I want to write-the solution for any letter blockages.

Whether I want to actually write, my phone does not really care. Not to think, if that would happen to me for my outfit choice… To be honest, I often go the other way, I would love to put everything at the same time and sometimes stand in my way.

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans-Or What Should I Wear?

I have been working on this for a long time, and I have been working on it for a long time Every letter blockade. If I want to write to a friend, It does not bear any sense of the way of life. If it does not matter, then it is not.

What Do I Wear?

It is very bad when I try an outfit to “build” an accessory or a pair of shoes. At the same time, I would like to wear a certain pair of trousers and certainly not wear black… I tell you, this is a challenge.There would be an “app”, for example, which tells me in the morning what I should wear, no, what I would like to wear, very well located.Of course I could avoid the whole thing, in which I only buy clothes that can be combined with each other. But I will not do this in this life anymore-fashion is too versatile, colorful and exciting, and I am much too undisciplined when shopping.

What Will I Wear?

It’s really bad when I try to “build” an outfit around. At the same time I want to wear a particular pair of trousers and I definitely do not want to wear black… ..I’m telling you-this is such a challenge. I would like to have a good time. Of course I could avoid this situation if I could combine with one another. But I do not want to go into this life, I am also too versatile, colorful and exciting and I am too undisciplined when shopping.

Stunning But Late

There is probably nothing left for me to keep abendelang in the wardrobe and to think of the combination for the next day… Not to think about if I would try to do that in the morning… I guess my children would be too late every day The school and I only at noon in the office – while looking stunning, but this would certainly not interest my boss… and what the new cell phone keyboard is concerned… on the other hand, the T9 word recognition with my old Nokia was genuinely a joke, but I did not constantly ask if I would like to evaluate them and that I have already saved with her help eight thousandth hundredth words… The, Which I had to correct in retrospect, of course not. It is quite self-love, this keyboard… tztztz… But I’m not the only one with a “Stephen King keyboard”-Lara Fritzsche has probably also written such a and a funny article for the SZ magazine♥.

Stunning But Late

There’s nothing else for it but to continue to crouch every evening in front of my wardrobe and think what will I wear the next day. It does not bear any sense. I would like to have a good time, but I would like to be in a good mood If you want to know more about Nokia, please contact me by phone or e-mail. I would like to know if I can help you with this Seven hundred and three words with its help-not subtracting all the words that I had with hindsight had to correct.This new keypad is really very narcissistic… does tut…. But I do not have the same person with a “Stephen King keypad”-Lara Fritzsche has one and she wrote a funny article in the SZ magazine about it.

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

… and what outfit goes* almost* always? Where do I not have to think much about it? Exactly-jeans… it always fits… This is uncomplicated and I certainly need no app. Have a nice week all love… ❥❥❥

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

…. And which outfit is “almost” always ok? What do I have to do for a long time? Right-jeans-they’re always suitable – they’ re uncomplicated and I definitely do not need an app for them. Have a great week everybody… ❥❥❥

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Jeans: All Saints-Levis can not only 501…. Ne also Skinny * looks good and the Closed * also-but is also a bit more expensive – the same applies to the Skinny of Replay *.
Blouse: Vila-I have searched and searched, but pleated blouses are either mega out or ne total rarity-but of Oui * I have found one-Chaka!
Jeansjacke: Hallhuber-the jacket by Pepe Jeans*I like just sensational well and the Laurél has a zipper front-unfortunately are not cheap. The only* only jeansjacket is affordable, but only available in three sizes.
Coat: Asos-a dream in red by René Lezard* in the sale-but only in two sizes. I found another red coat with light egg shave from Mint & Berry*.
Scarf: H & M
* Affiliate links: various online shops+♥no affiliatelink