Jacket from Kiton

Today, we highlight the spring campaign from one of the world’s top 3 main jacket-and kostymtillverkare in the clothing segment. It is Neapolitan Kiton with a price just as dizzying as the number of hand-sewn details. Unlike some of its competitors in the same price range are Kiton rarely again when it comes to color and pattern. Bright jackets, big squares and in front of the media in the very highest level.

The Kiton sew more or less all the costumes with needle and thread is impressive but actually may not be the most cost-effective. In addition to the incredibly well-made construction is the company’s greatness, their average and above all extremely sophisticated and exclusive materials.

When it comes to Kiton used almost exclusively fabrics from the mythical väveriet Carlo Barbera; known as perhaps the world’s most exclusive fabric supplier. Kiton bought few years ago up weaving mill in order to ensure the production and level of absolute top quality.

A little interesting anecdote is that all fabrics of Carlo Barbera are stored up to two years in the company’s basement called “fort knox”. This may sound strange but is due to the wool, cashmere, vicuna, etc are living material which in Barbera age like a better wine and need the correct humidity and temperature for optimal results.

When it comes to wool, it is hardly about s130 without the company’s baskostymer starts rather on incredibly thin versions of the s180 or wool, cashmere and silk blends for optimal case and luster.

The company has in its flagship model; Jacket K-50, one of the wackiest products.

Jacket K-50 is a spring jacket from Kiton that is sewn entirely by hand in 50 hours of a single tailor and in Carlo Barbera’s most exclusive choice of fabric. The jacket, how amazing it is, however, can hardly be seen as the most affordable option with a price tag of close to 400 000 kr. ..

We have looked at this spring’s campaign, and like what we see!

Bright pastel colours with playful patterns are consistently in the collection that may fit better in an outdoor café along the Amalfi coast than in the Swedish spring climate.

What is beyond the level of craftsmanship makes Kiton so interesting is their total absence and restraint in color and styling. Like Isaia takes in from the toes and although it is far from easy to wear in any case, it is often very inspiring.

An equal age distribution in the company’s promotions.

Light grey double-breasted suit of perfectly cut.