Is Snoring Baby Normal?

When we think of a baby’s sleep, the image that comes to mind is silence, tranquility and calm.

Is Snoring Baby Normal?

However, many babies have had a very noisy sleep since the early days, snoring while sleeping.

And many parents, faced with this situation they ask themselves: “Baby snoring is normal?”

Although snoring at night is something normal, the truth is that any snoring during sleep has some cause behind. Know here the possible origins of your baby’s snoring.

Causes of Baby Snoring

Snoring during sleep, at any age, is always synonymous with some problem. This may be acute and momentary, or chronic, remaining during life.

However, whether sporadic or not, snoring always means that there is a narrowing of the upper airways, which makes the passage of air more difficult, and hence snoring.

Then know the various causes of a baby’s snoring.

– Newborns, sometimes soon after birth, may have some nasal obstruction, which causes snoring. Usually, in these cases, the baby sneezes a lot, and because of the difficulty in breathing, he can not suck easily. This is an acute situation as it is temporary. During these months, parents should clean the nasal cavities with saline solution or with the help of the steam engine.

– In the first few months the baby may also snore due to a cold or flu, which will clog the airways, causing sleep noisier.

– In the case of babies who snore since they were born, not having this symptom disappeared, the pediatrician should be consulted, as there may be a congenital alteration called laryngomalacia. This problem usually solves alone with growth, but while it exists, it can negatively influence the development of the baby. Since you have trouble breathing, your baby will also have difficulty eating. This will cause less weight gain and slower neurological development.

In the early years, one of the major causes of snoring in babies is the increase in adenoid or tonsil size. This increase will reduce the passage of air into the airways, causing snoring. If you feel your child snoring regularly during sleep, along with regular occasions of infections and little appetite, you should consult your pediatrician.

– Other possible causes are sleep apnea, or reflux-gastro-esophageal. In these cases, snoring is just one of the symptoms.

If your baby’s snoring persists, you should consult your pediatrician so that you can see the cause so that you can treat your baby as soon as possible.