Is It Worth Buying the Ipad 2 Now?

The other models also suffered a reduction of prices of 200 reais in average (against 100 US dollars). In early 2010, when the iPad 2 was officially announced, iPad 1 prices were reduced by up to 40% from $ 499 to $ 300.

This time the reductions were much smaller and there is no indication that these values ​​undergo major changes. But as the iPad 2 will not go offline (unlike what happened with the iPad 1) it is very likely that its prices have a much smaller reduction after the launch of the iPad 3 via

For similar prices you buy today a Motorola Xoom 2, 10-inch, Wi-Fi, with 32GB (1,240 reais); A Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G, with 16GB (1,250 reais) or an Acer Iconia A500, 10-inch, Wi-Fi, with 32GB (1,200 reais).

Brazilian iPad

Apple (through Foxconn) has a factory ready in Jundiaí, in the interior of São Paulo. But nobody knows yet what they will produce, whether iPhones or iPads. If it’s the iPad 3, with tax cuts that can get up to 40%, of course it would not be worth buying an iPad 2 now.

Let’s do the math: by putting a value of $ 499 for a basic iPad, in Brazil this figure would be about $ 1,650.

With a 40% reduction, the final price of the Brazilian iPad 3 would be approximately 1 thousand reais. In a more realistic scenario, maybe about 1,300 reais. A pretty approximate value of the iPad 2.

Worldwide launch The iPad 3 begins to be sold in the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan and Australia on March 16.

It is good to remember that the iPad 2 arrived in Brazil after three months of its launch in the US (and not six months as the Globo portal G1 disclosed). But in this market as dynamic as that of tablets can not be said to repeat itself. Ah, my opinion:wait for the launch of the iPad 3.