iPhone 6s: Camera Will Provide DSLR Quality

Prepare Apple for a new camera sensation? The should have allegedly for 2015 expected iPhone 6 s a camera with two lenses, which will provide not less than DSLR quality. The famous Daring Fireball Blogger John Gruber said according to appleinsider that on his side in a latest podcast.

Already now it bubbling violently in the iPhone 6 s rumor mill. Now also an alleged camera quantum joins the hot discussed possible new features such as a beamer or a 3D display. The Blogger John Gruber recently claimed in a podcast that Apple would work on a two-lens system for the iPhone 6 s. In fact he even speaks of the “largest camera leap of all time”. Therefore, the camera on the back of the iPhone to 6s have two lenses and DSLR quality. Said in other words, it could take on the upcoming iPhone so even with an SLR.

iPhone 6s: Does The Dual Super Camera?

According to smartercomputing.org, the development of multi lens cameras for smartphones is still in its infancy. Apple rival HTC has equipped duo camera set up his one M8, for example, with a, which has a secondary image sensor. In turn, the start up company of Corephotonics developed a dual lens module, which uses two different focal lengths. A camera is responsible for wide angle shots, while the other makes for perfect close-ups.

Whether and what technical approach Apple for alleged Super camera will track the iPhone 6s, remains to be seen. Because an iPhone 6s probably not before the third quarter of 2015 is expected, we have to be patient us but still a bit.

iPhone 6s Camera Will Provide DSLR Quality