Invest! Blue Makeup

It’s hard to talk about makeup here on the blog, isn’t it? But this is one of the trends that you can’t pass up. The Blue makeup was seen in many parades this season, like the Chanel Couture in a blur and mixed version with very Black Kohl.

Blue shadow is already an item must-have on necessáires de beauté, combine with everything and give drama to the look. Are many inspirations that can be adapted to our daily lives, after all, no one leaves with blue eye shadow up to the eyebrows!

It’s a versatile color, which is incredible in blondes, combines with the hair and skin tone. In girls with light eyes, underscores even more the look. In this case, the best choice are lighter tones and makes smoked not to weigh both the face, bet also the mascara loaded, finish with peach or blush pink and nude mouth.

The Brunettes are beautiful with dark tones, such as the marine environment and shadows with cintilância to mark further the eyes! For them, the ideal is to make the outline of the eyes with a blue shadow on the outside and Black inside pencil, blush should be of type bronzer and too nude for drawing attention to your eyes.

Go bet on blue eye shadow?

Photos: Reproduction

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