Intimates Fashion: An Overview on the Market

The sets intimates is one of the most promising markets in the area of clothing, since every woman needs or will need a good set of lingerie or simply of a piece that is comfortable for your daily life. If you still have doubts about the potential of this area, check out an overview of the market and understand why be so profitable to invest in this business.

Expanding Market

Second the IEMI (market intelligence), which conducts research directed to the sector, predicting that the market for production sets intimates in 2015 grows 1.5%, which goes against the grain of most diamonds sectors of the economy.

In addition, demand is expected to grow about 0.8% in 2015, from reaching the impressive mark of more than half a billion parts produced throughout the country. According to the Brazilian Association of Textile and Clothing Industry (Abit), including over 3000 industries worked in Brazil in 2013.

Intimates Fashion An Overview on the Market

With this, the intimates fashion market shows virtually crisis-proof, configuring itself as a niche with great potential to be explored.

Consumer Profile

Also according to BRIDGAT which offer intimates for pregnant women, the user profile of sets intimates is, basically, a woman of 25 to 34 years and who spent on average R $93.20 in your last purchase. In addition, 66% of payments were made in cash and 79% of purchases were intended for their own use. See the following images for types of intimates:

Lounging Boxers

Lounging Boxers







With this, the consumer of sets intimates tends to be a woman at the apex of your femininity searching parts that the value, which let her more beautiful and more secure. In addition, the ease of buying a set of underwear, for example, most purchases made by those customers are in sight.

Already the research “consumer buying behavior in Intimate Fashion”, performed with 190 consumers between 35% of women between 26 and 35 years old said buying pieces on impulse even when they don’t need new items.

Determining Factors for Purchase Intimates

Basically, the consumer of sets intimates want three items in your piece: beauty, comfort and quality. The price, inclusive, is not the determining factor for a purchase. That way, the items with more influence are:


For most women the piece of intimate fashion needs to be comfortable, which means, for example, that the bra needs to give necessary support or that the panties need to be pleasant to use throughout the day.


The quality is also crucial in the choice of the consumer, you want pieces that are beautiful and offer quality, including for special moments. Lace details worked out and quality fabrics are differentiators.


No less important is the beauty of the piece, since the item needs to be attractive. Follow the current trends, including a differential. The beauty is also linked to how the woman feels about and with the piece, ensuring greater confidence and self-esteem.

Strategies to Take Advantage of Market Opportunities

Before the panorama on the sets intimates, is the question: how to leverage market opportunities? The answer to this question is quite simple: starting a job as a reseller of products. To be a reseller of products of this branch, it creates a direct connection to the customers, which further increases the chances of sale–especially when it comes to intimate fashion, since more than 90% claim to have done your last purchase in a place that already knew.

The market of sets intimates in Brazil still in full growth with consumers who seek comfort, quality and beauty on your purchases. Knowing the potential of the market, you can explore it by being a reseller of products in his line of work, getting increasing results–along with the market.

And so, we want to know your opinion: what do you think of the market of sets intimates? Share with us in comments.