Inateck USB 3.0 Hub

Having two USB 3.0 Hub Inatek (model HB4101 and HB4012) and trying to figure out the differences between the two, I said to myself. Why do the usual review when I could make a comparison? First, why this title? The main feature of these accessories, what struck me most are its compact size, especially with regard to one of the two, and portability. But let us know you better…

Features– HB4012 Inateck–HB4101 3.0 and USB Hub

USB 3.0 hubs Inateck packaging is very simple, in, we find the products inside a small cardboard box, wrapped in a plastic bag. The two accessories are designed to be worn anywhere, given the size and weight (about 30 g). The USB cable to connect to PC is directly integrated in the HUB, detailing positive if we consider the fact that we won’t have to take it with us. Other common feature between the two is the number of USB 3.0 ports and their arrangement, in fact we find three connections on the side and one on the front.

But of course we will also have some different characteristics between the two …

Features-USB Hub Inateck 3.0–HB4012

The HB4012 model, is what turns out to be the biggest between the two (though it is always small in size). The outer shell is constructed of hard plastic, which surely earns him a point less than its smaller brother.

Features-USB Hub Inateck 3.0–HB4101

The HB4101 model is the smallest among the two in terms of size (weight is almost like that). The main difference, in my opinion, was made by selecting the material of the outer shell, in fact, the aluminum gives it a greater feeling of firmness and strength.

Compare HB4101 and HB4012–Inateck–3.0 USB Hub

From as you can see, the model HB4101 WINS for length and thickness, while his older brother appears to be narrower. The difference in weight is very little, in fact we talk about a gram for the model with the aluminum enclosure. The integrated USB cable, however, is slightly longer in the model 4012.

By comparing these two Inateck 3.0, USB Hub comes out definitely HB4101 model winner, more compact and with the outer shell on aluminum. In any case, both are recommended because they don’t have the need for additional links to be used and are compact, easy to transport and useful for every occasion.