Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Dream and HTC Hero, If It Wants Is Can

If something can boast Android community is of a few developers that are willing to everything type of madness as its terminals to carry farther away better, although many are those who tell you that what you are doing is little less than impossible, and Ice Cream Sandwich has given a new opportunity to such developers to demonstrate their capabilities and their temerosidad.

The event that accompanies us is neither more nor less than carry the latest version of Android to two temrinales who today are little more than outdated technical capabilities. We are speaking of a HTC Dream or G1, the first commercial terminal with Android, and the HTC Hero, first handset to carry the Sense of HTC and installed Serial Flash interface, and it is that these two terminals have recibiido a ROM with Ice Cream Sandwich to the astonishment of many.

But when it comes to the truth It is nothing more than a test without any type of utility, Since handsets hardware capabilities are limited and you can check that the processors are little less agonizing, with very little fluidity, without many of the interesting applications, making it more a brick than a terminal acceptably usable, but is interesting to show in front of other androideros friends.

If you want to see it with your own eyes, we leave you with a video that looks it is nice, but is too slow for the day to day